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Author Guest Post – J.M. Peace

on July 22, 2015


JM Peace (c) Sheree Tomlinson WEB

Today I’m happy to welcome Australian author J.M. Peace to my blog. Her debut novel, A Time To Run has just been released and to celebrate, I’m taking part in the blog tour. You can find the full details of all the stops at the bottom of this post and my review of Time To Run will be up later today, so don’t forget to check back for that too. But for now, it’s over to Jay and the use of a pseudonym.


I don’t want to shock you, but J.M. Peace is not my real name.  I know, who would have guessed?

I chose to use a pseudonym in an attempt to duck any potential conflicts of interest that arise from the fact that I am still a serving police officer. I may or may not encounter any number of problems along the lines of conflict of interest, improper disclosure of information and secondary employment obligations. When I consulted my union about it, they listed a potential eighteen areas of legislative concern. So I thought my life would be easier if I pretended not to be me.

I intend on continuing to pretend to be J.M. Peace until I make the decision to identify myself. That will hopefully be after I have resigned from my ‘day job’ to pursue writing and other plans.

Having a fake identity is an odd sort of thing. As well as the blog, there’s an email, a personal Facebook page as well as an author page, plus some other social media accounts. But I’m making quite a few mistakes with it all, and only realising what I’ve stuffed up as I go along.

The initials were probably an error. The fullstops are a problem when it comes to searching for the name on social media sites. I didn’t see that one coming.  I’ve also been referred to on a few occasions as ‘Jim’. Clearly an ‘i’ can be added at the reader’s discretion.

Just to add to the confusion, the initials are fake. My actual name does not start with ‘J’. At some point I realised I should probably create a new name. So, trying to keep it simple, I have a fake first name of ‘Jay’. Now I have to remember to answer to it, use it when introducing myself in relation to the book and also when signing off emails from my author email account. I’ve already failed on occasion at every one of these points. On the plus side, my fake signature looks a lot better than my real one though.

I had a phone interview about the book the other day. New problem – how do I answer the phone? If I used my real name, the interviewer would think they had the wrong number. If I used my fake name and it was anyone but the interviewer that would lead to a very interesting conversation too. Especially if it was someone from work. I went with ‘Hello’ and an explanation.

There’s a personal connection for me with the name ‘Peace’, but I partially chose it because I thought it would be a good fake name for a copper/crime writer. Something that was easy to remember and maybe stuck in the reader’s mind.

I did consider that it might be considered twee and unrealistic. But a scroll through our internal police email system reveals real police officer’s surnames that make ‘Peace’ seem unimaginative. There’s a Goody (fortunately no Baddies), Crook, Kill, Strongman and one of my personal favourites, Punchard. And I thought it was such a shame when Senior Constable Makepeace changed her name after marrying.

If you gave characters in a story names like these, everyone would say it was too far-fetched. Truth is stranger than fiction. Maybe ‘J.M. Peace’ wasn’t such a bad choice after all.




Want to know more? Check out the author’s website and follow the other stops on the tour!

Blog Tour – A Time to Run


And don’t forget to check back later today for my own review of Time To Run. 


4 responses to “Author Guest Post – J.M. Peace

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  2. brendat59 says:

    Great post Bree! Finished Jay’s book a couple of days ago and absolutely loved it 🙂 Congratulations Ms J.M. Peace! Hopefully you have another on the drawing board for us readers to be coming soon 🙂

  3. Great piece, really enjoyed finding out more about ‘Jay’s pen name 🙂

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