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Mini Reviews: Animal Magnetism & Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis

on April 8, 2015

Animal MagnetismAnimal Magnetism (Animal Magnetism #1)
Jill Shalvis
2014 (originally 2011), 299p
Bought on iBooks

Brady Miller is a pilot-for-hire. He spends his time dropping in and out of dangerous situations and he’s never been the sort who stayed. When his foster brothers convince him they need his help restoring a chopper that they might be able to use to benefit their business, Brady can’t say no. He warns them that it won’t be permanent, despite the fact he knows they’d like him to stay on and be their pilot. He gives them a month to get the chopper ready and to help them find someone to fly it.

Brady’s truck is rear ended by Lilah Young, the co-owner of the small Idaho town’s only kennel – and Lilah appears to have half her inmates in the car with her. Brady offers her and her entourage a ride home and the attraction between them takes them both by surprise. But Brady doesn’t stay – he makes no secret of that. Lilah wants to be okay with having Brady for just a little while but when the time comes to part it’s going to be harder than they think.

Oh this book was so cute! I’ve heard good things about this series. I think Marg sang its praises to me quite a while ago and it’s always kind of been at the back of my mind to try so when I saw it cheap on iBooks, I snatched it up. And I loved it so much I immediately went back and bought books 2&3 so I could read the stories of Adam and Dell, Brady’s former foster brothers and Lilah’s best friends. I really enjoyed the opening of this book, the chemistry between Brady and Lilah is so immediate and it seemed that they brought out the best in each other, in a subtle sort of way. Brady had had the sort of upbringing that meant he didn’t trust or bond easily and even though he’s incredibly close to Adam and Dell, he still prefers a life with no attachments. The more time Brady spends with Lilah though, the less enthusiastic he is to return to his life. The jobs are piling up, his boss is on the phone….but still Brady remains in Idaho, with Lilah.

I loved both Brady and Lilah. Both of them really needed security and stability, even if Brady didn’t really know it. Lilah gave him something that grounded him but yet also gave him the freedom to continue doing what he loved. Lilah had made herself a home back in Idaho after some time away for university and she loved it but she was also lonely. Having someone that would always return was something that would give her strength, especially as Brady was good at taking care of Lilah when she wasn’t too great at taking care of herself. She would burn the candle at both ends and it would be up to him to sneak in and make sure she got to bed so that she could get sleep. I really enjoyed their interactions and I think the various animals added a little cuteness to the story as well.


Book #67 of 2015

Animal AttractionAnimal Attraction (Animal Magnetism #2)
Jill Shalvis
2014 (originally 2011), 304p
Bought from iBooks

Jade Bennett isn’t from Sunshine, Idaho. Eighteen months ago she arrived and applied for a job as office manager at Dell Connelly and his brother Adam’s vet practice. She didn’t list any qualifications but there was something incredibly capable about Jade and they hired her. Now she manages the office with ruthless effiency, thriving on planning and order. Dell on the other hand, seems to fly by the seat of his pants and his system frequently evolves into chaos that Jade itches to fix.

Dell has always been a bit of a player – he dates for a good time, not a long time. For a while it seems as though hard-as-nails Jade is the only woman that is immune to his charm until a kiss between them one night throws everything out of whack. Jade has always made it perfectly clear that her position in Sunshine isn’t permanent and that she needs to return home but now that the time has come for Jade to leave, Dell has come to realise that he doesn’t want to let her go.

I pretty much went straight from reading the first book to downloading and reading the second book. Dell and Jade are introduced in the first book and there’s just enough of their interactions to really tease the reader with anticipation for their story and I didn’t want to wait. Jade is a tough woman – in more ways than one. She is very smart and capable and she’s extremely good at her job, wrangling the chaos of the vet surgery into a smooth operation. She runs a super tight ship and she gets on well with Adam, Dell and Lilah but Jade hasn’t formed any attachments. She’s never taken a stray for Lilah or bothered to hunt around and find a place that’s her own rather than the fully furnished place she rents. She’s always made it clear that she was here temporarily. Jade has managed to keep it together very well but when nearby surgeries start experiencing break ins, Dell begins to see the cracks in her facade.

Dell and Jade had some heat. I loved their sparring sessions when Dell teaches Jade some self defense after she is frightened outside the surgery one night. They have some really hot chemistry and some issues to really work through. Like Lilah and Brady in the previous novel, Dell and Jade attempt to portray that they are just fine with this being temporary but they are both of course, extremely wrong. I enjoyed the way this played out, the way they each got to know each other beneath what goes on at work, or at casual poker night games. We learned more of Adam and Dell’s background, in particular more about their native Indian mother and a little of what happened when they were children. But it’s the connection between Dell and Jade that stood out for me in this one, I felt it from their first interaction in the first book and their story did not disappoint.

Onto Adam and Holly now – like Dell and Jade, we’ve already seen them have a couple of interactions and this one looks as though it’s going to be very fun.


Book #68 of 2015


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