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Review: Roses For Sophie by Alyssa J. Montgomery

on February 17, 2015

Roses For SophieRoses For Sophie
Alyssa J. Montgomery
Harlequin Escape Publishing
2015, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Australian billionaire and mining magnate Logan Jackson needs a wife. He’s about to be embroiled in a bitter custody battle, trying to win custody of the young daughter of his closest friend. Logan has a bit of a playboy past and he knows that he’s more than able to take care of Charlotte financially. What he needs to prove is that he has a stable and loving home life for her as well, with a woman who can give all the appearance of being a supportive wife and mother figure.

Sophie Hamilton needs a fiance. Her beloved grandfather, who raised her after her own parents were killed in an accident, is about to make a decision on who he will hand control of the family mining company to: her or her cousin Felix. Sophie has been determined that it should be her for years. But her grandfather also wants to see her married and happy, with something else in her life other than work.

Logan and Sophie are both looking for something temporary – an image to project in order to placate or make someone else happy. But when they meet by chance – a case of mistaken identity – the sparks fly between them. Sophie has been married before, to someone she cared about but didn’t love and swore she’d never marry again unless it was for real. Logan doesn’t really believe in love but thinks you can make a marriage work with other things, such as friendship, trust, sexual desire. Logan and Sophie have common goals but the end-game they see is different. After they both get what they want, will they go their separate ways or choose to stay together and build what they have for real?

Roses For Sophie can be read stand alone but also follows on in a way from Montgomery’s previous novel, Echoes of the Heart, which focuses on Sophie’s ex-husband. I haven’t read that but I assume that Sophie features in it in some way, just as her ex-husband appears briefly in this novel. I don’t really think I lacked for not having read it and I think this is more than capable of standing alone.

I have to admit, I found Logan really annoying and pushy at first until the circumstances of their meeting became more clear. From then on I actually quite liked him as a character and I appreciated what he was trying to do. His friend and his wife had been killed in an accident and they’d expressed their wishes to Logan that he take custody of their only daughter should something ever happen to them. What little family they do have is untrustworthy and Charlotte is currently in the care of her grandmother, who is fighting Logan for permanent custody, mostly to get at the wealth Charlotte has inherited. Logan knows that not only can he take care of her financial inheritance and grow it, rather than waste it, but he can also provide the little girl with a better home life. His sister has made him see however, that a wife would definitely help his case. Sophie on the other hand, doesn’t need a husband so much as a lover who looks like becoming a husband, in the eyes of her grandfather. He wants to see her settled and happy in her personal life as well as her career and Sophie knows that she doesn’t have time to wait until she meets the elusive one. She needs to make her grandfather think that she’s found that person. Sophie is unprepared for the whirlwind that is her grandfather though and I think the old bloke outsmarts her pretty good.

I liked Logan and Sophie together but somehow this story managed to feel rushed even as their conflict felt a bit drawn out. Sophie wanted proper love, Logan thinks you can have a marriage without it, despite it already being pretty obvious that they are both in love. They also don’t know each other very long either and when Sophie is told some things by her no-good cousin, she jumps to some pretty weird conclusions, assuming Logan was marrying her for her grandfather’s company despite the fact Logan could buy and sell it many times probably with his own wealth. Logan does do a stupid thing which doesn’t really help make him look innocent in his motives either but Sophie’s reaction is a bit overly dramatic. I think a lot of it is supposed to be tied up in a heartbreak she experienced when she was young but that’s only briefly explained and I didn’t really get the feeling it should still play such an important role in her life. It was definitely time to ‘let it go’.

Forced or arranged marriage is actually one of my favourite romantic tropes and I enjoyed this although I think I’d have liked it more if they’d actually had to spend some time being married first. I think that might have taken the edge off the rushed feeling and also given them more time to actually fall in love and so Sophie’s reaction wouldn’t have felt so over the top. I expected Charlotte to actually play a larger role in the story as well, given she was Logan’s primary motivation for finding a wife but instead she really only appears in a scene or two almost at the end of the book, so you don’t really get to see how Logan copes with taking custody of a small child either which was something I thought would’ve been interesting. All in all this was a quick and pleasant read and I think I might go and track down Echoes of the Heart now which, from the glimpse I got of the couple in this book, sounds as though it might be fun.


Book #35 of 2015


Roses For Sophie is book #11 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015



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