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Review: Burned by Karen Marie Moning

on February 16, 2015

BurnedKMMBurned (Fever #7)
Karen Marie Moning
Delacorte Press
2015, 431p
Read from my local library

When the walls protecting the Earth from Faery came down, it was flooded with immortals and they’ve over taken MacKayla Lane’s new home of Dublin. It’s now a war zone – they’ve defeated the Sinsar Dubh and imprisoned the Unseelie Prince Cruce in a tomb of ice. But there’s always something to be done. The Song of Making could recreate the walls between the Fae and Earth but no one possesses that knowledge now. The book, ever deep and present in MacKayla’s mind croons to her about all they could do if Mac gave up her control. But she continues to resist.

Once Mac’s best friend and almost like a sister to her, Dani “Mega” O’Malley has gone missing. Whilst Mac was attempting to talk to her she jumped into the Silvers, one that went to the Hall of All Days. Mac has no idea how long it’ll take her to get back…or even if she will get back. There’s also the task of rescuing Christian MacKeltar who lies chained on a clifftop being killed over and over again. For that Mac will have to work with not only Jericho Barrons, her enigmatic lover and keeper of secrets but one of his men Ryodan, whom she’s never really seen eye to eye with. And the MacKeltars will want to be along for the ride too as well as the mysterious Jada who has taken over the sidhe seers at the Abbey.

It’s an unholy alliance and you never know who to trust.

Ok well this book was kind of a hot mess.

I love the Fever series, I really do. I binge read them all and I was satisfied when it ended. I would’ve been happy for more but if not, I figured I could rest enough knowing how Mac and Barrons had ended. Then Iced came out and I learned it was going to be narrated by Dani. I’m in the minority because I don’t like Dani as a narrator at all. I used to skim her chapters in the other books because she drives me nuts. I tried to read it but I honestly couldn’t get through it and just ended up skimming it. I wasn’t at all comfortable with a lot of the story line because Dani is fourteen and the vibes I was getting were weird. Clearly I wasn’t the only one – there was a lot of criticism about both Ryodan and Christian’s thoughts and/or feelings towards Dani, both admitted and alluded to. In this book it seems like Karen Marie Moning has gone on the defensive a bit. Mac is back as our main narrator, which actually pleased me when I heard it and she dispatched Dani into Fae through the Silvers presumably to age a few years and come back more adult so that she can set up this triangle she seems to want so desperately.

Really, just stop it. Stop trying to make Ryodan and Dani happen. It’s weird. Really, really weird. I didn’t mind Ryodan in earlier books, he was enigmatic like Barrons and the rest of the Nine but in this book KMM basically tries to ram him down the reader’s throat as so deep and having hidden feelings. He waxes lyrical about how he saw Dani as a kid and she amazed him and he knew immediately that she was special and that he’s been keeping an eye on her, protecting her ever since. I found those scenes quite puzzling. If KMM is trying to ram Ryodan down the reader’s throats, she’s also doing the same of Dani and it’s not necessary. Dani has her fans, there are plenty of people out there who were incensed when they found out the narrative was going to be Mac’s again. We don’t need to be told every five pages how special Dani is and how unique. Basically everyone in these books is special or unique for some reason or other. Dani is a tough kid, a gifted fighter, a survivor. What happens to her in this book is not what I expected. The aging, yes. Who/what she came back as, no. It felt like a waste of time, creating Dani 2.0. Is KMM hoping her readers forget that she was a child five minutes ago by having her look and act completely different? To the people in Dublin, Dani was gone a month. For her it was almost five years. She’s kissing Ryodan now, supposedly ok because she now looks 20. Never mind that the last time Ryodan saw her, which was mere weeks ago, she was still only fourteen. I was told I would love Ryodan more than Barrons but nope. Didn’t happen. Ryodan is a bit of an ass. He continually wastes no time telling Mac how stupid/useless/moronic/pointless she is but at the same time, when the Unseelie Princess comes to his club and threatens their perceptions, Mac is the first person he goes running to, begging for help. I found myself saying “Just shut up Ryodan” every time he spoke. Stop being pissy just for the sake of it. Makes you look like an ass, not a being everyone should fear and respect.

Mac was neutered in this novel as well – for about maybe half of it? she’s actually invisible to everyone. She can be heard if she speaks, or if she bumps into something she’ll give her presence away but she cannot be seen. That’s a pretty strong metaphor for Mac’s personality in this book. From pink MacKayla in book 1 to the one that helped defeat Cruce and the Sinsa Dubh in book 5, Mac grew into a pretty kickass character. Barrons and her found a harmonious place, but that was blown apart in this book because things feel strained, awkward and tense between them. There wasn’t a whole lot of chemistry although the scene where Barrons is finally able to avenge her is probably the best in the book, even though it lacks the true raw emotion of some of their earlier interactions. Instead it seems that Mac and Barrons are back to around book 2 or 3, dancing around each other for the most part. Could you not write a story where they continued to be in the place where they were at when book 5 ended, KMM? Regression really annoys me, especially when it’s utterly unnecessary. Still even awkward, stilted Mac and Barons have more chemistry than Dani and Ryodan.

This felt like different characters inhabiting a different universe. I’m disappointed.


Book #34 of 2015



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