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Review: No Test For The Wicked by Julie Moffett

on January 8, 2015

No Test For The WickedNo Test For The Wicked (Lexi Carmichael #5)
Julie Moffett
Carina Press
2014, eBook
Bought for my Kindle

Lexi Carmichael has a new assignment – to find out who has been hacking into the system of a prestigious private school and causing mischief. Although she’s 25, Lexi remembers being a teenager very well.  She knows how teenage geeks think and act and this, coupled with her fresh-faced looks lead her to believe that the best way to go about finding out who the culprit is, is to go undercover and enroll in the school as a student.

High school was terrifying enough for Lexi the first time and even though she’s graduated University, worked for the NSA and now works for a highly respectable private cyber security company, she still feels no more confident than she did all those years ago. She finds herself a target for the school bully almost immediately after she comes to the defense of someone who is being tormented.

But that’s the least of Lexi’s problems. Whilst she’s attempting to find out which of the students are hacking into the system, she stumbles upon something else much more sinister. It looks like an international ring of hackers are inside the network and are possibly connected to someone at the school. As a very dangerous situation unfolds, Lexi has to figure out how to protect everyone in the school and get them all out of it alive.

I can’t believe I missed this one being released. I’ve been reading this series since the first one was published but somehow I missed this one coming out at the beginning of December and only came across it when I was grabbing a few free ‘first in a series’ books that are being offered on Amazon and iBooks. I immediately snatched it up – with each installment Lexi gets the job done in terms of the cyber security problem but often finds herself in awkward social situations involving one of the men in her life. She’s very inexperienced and has never actually had a proper boyfriend but in this one Lexi and Slash, hacker extraordinaire are officially dating.

To be honest, I’d have liked to see a little more about this in the book. Lexi and Slash have become closer over the past 4 books. In the beginning he was more a legend to her than a person but she’s gotten to know him and he hasn’t been shy about declaring how he feels about her. In the previous book she referred to him as her boyfriend for the first time but a lot of their interactions and “firsts” have obviously happened between books with the reader not really being privy to much. We only get a couple of dates here and Lexi panicking about what to buy him for Christmas for about two minutes. I’m not sure if it’s just because the author prefers the reader use their imagination for most of the relationship or if it’s a classic ‘push-pull’ factor where once Lexi and Slash hook up, he immediately takes a backseat.

Because in reality, this was Elvis Zimmerman’s book. One half of the legendary Zimmerman twins, Elvis is shyer and less confident than his brother Xavier, who has been dating Lexi’s friend Basia on and off. Elvis and Lexi are best friends and she can rely on him for pretty much anything – she’s also pretty oblivious to the fact that he’s crazy about her. She often turns to him for advice and as a sounding board or goes to their place simply to hang out, eat pizza and play games. He shows up at the school at a crucial point, when Lexi needs help from someone the most. There’s a reason she cannot contact the outside world so she and Elvis have to rely on other methods in order to put across what’s happening and attempt to get help. They definitely work together extremely well and judging by a few reviews of this book that I’ve skimmed on Goodreads, Elvis definitely has his fans. However, I do have to say that in terms of chemistry in their interactions (including when they’re stuffed in a cupboard thing wearing barely anything), I wasn’t feeling it. To me, they’re friends. Best friends. And they’re an incredible team. But they didn’t come across as two people who could really be lovers.

I really do continue to enjoy this series and even though I’m a computer dunce and understand basically nothing about Lexi’s job, it sounds really amazing I like following her as she goes on her various adventures. She’s very confident in what she does, she has great ideas and doesn’t let her tendency to get herself into awkward situations hold her back. That’s kind of why I wanted to see her navigating relationship intimacy rather than have it vaguely summarised for me in one conversation on the phone with Basia. As much as I enjoy Lexi’s professional exploits, I’m also interested in her personal development as well. Because Lexi has room for a lot of personal development!


Book #5 of 2015




2 responses to “Review: No Test For The Wicked by Julie Moffett

  1. bookgeeking says:

    I have this book, but have not read the rest of the series. It looks really good. Glad to hear it’s good.

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