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Review: Angel In Armani – Melanie Scott

on December 18, 2014

Angel In ArmaniAngel In Armani (New York Saints #2)
Melanie Scott
St Martin’s Press
2014, 352p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

For Sara Charles, flying has always been a part of her life. Her grandfather was a pilot and so was her father. She was working towards her commercial license at 16 and then worked in the defense force flying helicopters. Now Sara has returned home to help out with the family charter business after her father put a helicopter down in a storm and injured himself badly. With one bird and pilot out of business, it’s up to Sara to pull in the money to not only keep the business afloat but pay her father’s growing medical bills.

Sara’s newest client is Dr Lucas Angelo, top orthopedic surgeon and also team doctor for baseball team the New York Saints. Lucas criss-crosses the east coast seeing to top athletes who have injured themselves, working his magic so that they have as little damage as possible. He’s also part-owner of the baseball team and in the off season, spends a lot of time travelling to their winter Florida base helping shape the new members of the team. He doesn’t like flying and if he can get around quickly and easily, it makes everything much better.

Lucas decides to ask Sara to be his personal pilot – she’s the only one where he feels safe in the air. Sara has been trying to forget about Lucas since one moment of madness on the last job she did for him but she needs the money and the offer is more than generous. Even though she’s attracted to Lucas, she doesn’t want to get involved. They’re too different. Little does she know that Dr Gorgeous isn’t going to be that easily dissuaded. And he plays for keeps.

Angel In Armani is the second novel in Melanie Scott’s New York Saints series. The first, The Devil In Denim was about Lucas’ business partner Alex. Together they make up two thirds of the ‘terrible trio’ that purchased the New York Saints and are now trying to turn the team around. The third member is Malachi Coulter who gets his own book in the third installment entitled Lawless In Leather. I haven’t read The Devil In Denim but it isn’t really necessary. Although this book obviously continues on after the purchase of the team and details their attempts to replace players that have left or been traded, it’s still very easy to pick up, even for an Australian who doesn’t know much about or even like baseball. The story is self-contained enough to be easily enjoyed without having read Alex’s story.

Sara is under an extreme amount of pressure when the book begins and it becomes even worse after the remaining helicopter, the one she has been piloting, is damaged in a storm. She is really feeling the stress of trying to keep the business afloat and on top of her father’s medical bills at the same time. He’s not recovering particularly well from his surgery and his progress in physical therapy seems to have stalled. Sara knows that if she doesn’t do something soon, they could lose everything. Both helicopters are tied up with the insurance companies and so when Lucas tracks her down to offer her the personal pilot job, it’s like lifeline, even though it comes with the complication of Lucas himself.

Sara broke her own rules when she spent one night with Lucas on the last job she did for him and now she knows that she will again be tempted by him. Lucas is gorgeous and funny and has made it very clear how attracted he is to her. The sex is scorching but Sara is fixed on the fact that they come from different worlds. Lucas is from wealth and privilege and Sara is not. She has her own hang ups about the world Lucas inhabits and she wants to keep anything that happens between them a secret from everyone. She needs to protect her reputation and the reputation of her business and there’s no way she could have people knowing she’s sleeping with one of the guys who hunted her down and now pays the bills.

Lucas is keen to get things out in the open, he isn’t ashamed of Sara or being with her and he thinks it’d be easier if at least his friends knew about it. But Sara is paranoid and insists on everything being kept secret. I actually felt that Sara was pretty unfair on Lucas on a few occasions in this book. She judges him by his background, not by the person that he is, the person that she has been getting to know very intimately. Her judgement is coloured by an experience from her past but I think it’s a mistake not to have Sara talk about it properly. Instead it’s something her father tells Lucas and I think that if Sara’s feelings had been more explored, her prejudice might have made a bit more sense. At times it seems as though Sara is determined to screw things up. She asks something of Lucas professionally, using their personal relationship as leverage and then when Lucas has to prioritise something else, Sara sees it as him choosing money over her, which is ridiculous. Her blow up is irrational and insulting and if I was Lucas, I’d wonder why on earth she’d spent that amount of time with him recently if that was the way she really felt underneath. I think it was fair enough for Sara to be intimidated by Lucas’ wealth, it is intimidating when you don’t have it. But she was definitely wrong to blame him for it and to assume that it was all he cared about. Lucas didn’t do anything wrong. He made a decision that doctors have to make every day, choosing a new injury to fix before an old one. He knew that he could do more if he got to the new one quickly.

Despite Sara’s brain snap at the end of the novel which I felt was over the top, I enjoyed this story. I found the stuff about the baseball team rather interesting, although I don’t particularly like the game myself. I really liked Lucas and his friends, especially Malachi so I’m quite looking forward to his book. I think I’ll have to go back and read Alex’s as well.


Book #261 of 2014


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