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Review: Captivated By You – Sylvia Day

on November 25, 2014

Captivated By YouCaptivated By You (Crossfire #4)
Sylvia Day
Penguin Books AUS
2014, 356p
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Please note: This review will contain general ***SPOILERS*** for the previous books in the Crossfire series. 

Gideon and Eva are now secretly married and after enjoying some time together have returned to their respective lives. They’re still living in separate apartments, although spending a lot of time together. According to the rest of the world, they’re back together and Gideon confirms an engagement but it’s only a few people, a very trusted inner circle that know they’re already married.

That’s not to say that things are getting any easier – they’re not. Gideon and Eva are still trying to deal with the baggage that both of them bring into the relationship. Gideon is still hiding things from Eva, keeping things from her and attempting to deal with them himself, something that he knows Eva doesn’t like at all. However he never wants to worry her and so he chooses to continue this pattern, despite almost always being found out. Things are becoming increasingly difficult and emotional with Gideon’s messy family and it’s having a profound impact on his mental wellbeing, something that Gideon also wants to handle alone but that Eva wants to help with. There are complications in the form of Eva’s ex, rocker Brett Kline and the footage that the band possess of Brett and Eva from early days. Gideon wants that footage, wants to make sure there’s no hope of it ever going public and he’ll do anything to accomplish his goal. Gideon’s troubled ex Corinne is also back and looking to cause even more problems between the couple.

Eva finds that her love is tested in ways that she’s not sure she’s strong enough to cope with. When she seeks space and refuge from Gideon after discovering yet more things he’s keeping from her, things that he’s chosen to deliberately exclude her from. Sometimes love isn’t enough, without trust and communication as well and Eva wants it all.

Captivated By You is the 4th book in the hugely successful Crossfire series, which was originally supposed to be 3 and has now been spun out to 5. It’s been well over a year since I read the third book, Entwined With You and I have to admit, I had kind of forgotten what happened at the end of that book and had to track down my review to try and jog my memory.

I think most people’s enjoyment of this book will depend on how much they like Gideon and Eva and how much they want to keep spending more time with them just being them because to be honest, not a lot happens here. This series is beginning to feel quite cyclical, Gideon and Eva are attempting to address the same issues over and over again with few variations and the same people are returning over and over to continue causing jealousy and issues. In this case it’s yet again Corinne and honestly, I’m getting quite sick of her. I feel as though I’ve read the scene between her and Gideon 10 times even though I know that isn’t the case because this is the first time we’re treated to Gideon’s point of view. It just feels like I’ve read it before, because she keeps turning up and being sent away again. Likewise Eva’s ex-boyfriend is back, talking about the connection they had and apparently still have and wanting a chance again. Eva is slightly conflicted over her feelings for Brett, something that she confesses to Gideon who doesn’t particularly take it all that well.

That part of the story is a bit of a hot mess but we’re finally getting to some good stuff regarding Gideon, the abuse he experienced and the issues he has with his family, in particular his mother. I always feel like these scenes, short as they are, give far more away about Gideon as a character than all of his scenes put together with Eva do. They reduce Gideon to more than just a hotshot rich CEO with a permanent hard-on and give a glimpse to the man inside, the one who is left over from the vulnerable child. The scenes where Gideon struggles with himself, with keeping things locked up inside are really very good. Likewise the ones where he has dreams and where he finally begins confessing things to Eva, beginning to include her rather than seeking to keep her locked out of his head. I understand the whole, Alpha male doesn’t want to worry his woman, type mentality that keeps him from keeping her in the loop but it is finally sinking in that it isn’t working with Eva. That he needs to include her if they are to make those steps forward that they really need to in order to function properly as a couple and not just as people who keep coming together and being wrenched apart.

Even though I’m not sure this book really progresses the plot all that much except for the last maybe quarter of it, it’s still a compelling read. Sylvia Day has always known how to keep readers interested with lots of scenes that establish the couple’s physical connection and there are plenty of those in here. Adding in Gideon’s point of view (the book opens with him and is split between him and Eva but seems more weighted to Gideon at times) does keep it a bit fresh and may be a distraction technique that there’s nothing new exactly, we’re just hearing a new perspective on it. I think it’s a good thing the next book is the last because I think the strain of spinning this story out to five books is beginning to show a little. If you like reading about Gideon and Eva just hanging out and having sex and attempting to sort through their emotions, you’ll probably enjoy this book a lot, especially if you’ve been dying to hear from Gideon’s perspective. If you were expecting big things or shocking reveals….then this one is probably going to disappoint. I have to admit, it was a couple days between finishing and sitting down to write this review and in the meantime, I’d forgotten most of what had happened. So I’d class this one as an enjoyable read, but not a memorable read.


Book #242 of 2014



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