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Review: The Billionaire’s Club Boxed Set – Jackie Ashenden

on October 29, 2014

Billionaire's ClubThe Billionaire Club Box Set: The Billion Dollar Bachelor, The Billion Dollar Bad Boy and The Billionaire Biker
Jackie Ashenden
St Martin’s Griffin
2014, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

The three Morrow brothers are all wealthy – Jax is the CEO of the family business and his brother Donovan is the spin doctor behind the company’s PR department. Their younger half brother Sean left five years ago, joining a motorcycle club and Jax and Donovan have been searching for him ever since. All three are ruthless but they’re all about to meet their match.

Jax’s ordered world is turned upside down when Pandora Garrett walks into the bar where he’s having a drink. The daughter of a notorious figure, Pandora has escaped her bodyguards, aiming to taste something of freedom. With no friends beyond the associates her father approves of, Pandora revels in the anonymity of walking into a bar and meeting a man. Neither has any idea who the other really is….until the next morning when Pandora’s father finds them and decides that he’s going to use this as a chance to profit. Jax is given a choice – take Pandora under his own protection or surrender her back to her father to do with what he chooses.

Donovan Morrow has been used in the past for his ability in the bedroom. Attempting to put all that behind him now that their father is gone, Donovan desperately wants to prove himself, to do something that will help make the family legacy a positive one. When older brother Jax orders him to sell a piece of land, Donovan thinks it’s a huge mistake, even if it does lead him to Victoria de Winter. She wants to close the deal on this piece of land to desperately prove herself to her father, to prove that she’s worthy of the de Winter name. When Donovan doesn’t want to sell and Victoria desperately wants to buy, sparks fly between them.

Sean was always the odd one out, the half brother that caused trouble. When he was 18 he fled, leaving Abigail behind. Now that Jax and Donovan have tracked him down again and he’s left his days as enforcer for the motorcycle club behind, Sean and Abby are face to face again. They’ll have to deal with their past, the repercussions that Sean wasn’t around for. And Sean has to believe himself worthy to take his role in the company and worthy of Abby as well.

Just about all romance novels rely on the reader’s ability to suspend their disbelief whilst reading and some books take much more of an effort than others. This one (or these three, I should say) probably required more than I could manage. Whilst I enjoyed some of the moments in the book, the fact that really, they’re all quite short (I think the 3 together come in at about 440p) meant that I just couldn’t get behind the couples in the way that I wanted to. All three needed I think, to be full length novels to really draw out the sexual tension and also fully investigate the conflict, particularly in the case of Jax’s story and also Sean’s. Both of those had a lot of complex issues and could’ve easily supported a longer story.

However the biggest problem I had with these three stories is the fact that they all kind of felt very much the same – the characters included. The women were basically all sexually repressed and inexperienced. Pandora is a virgin, Victoria is in a passionless relationship, engaged to a man who means very little to her and Abby has only had sex once in her life. The women all look different but they seem to act very similar, wanting similar sort of things which is quite handy because the three brothers are all quite similar too. All of them are control freak Alphas who border on bossy (not quite Doms, but sort of close). I didn’t know the book was going to have those tendencies before I started reading it – if I had, I perhaps might not have requested it because to be honest, I’m a bit over the trend of surprise! I want to be spanked/tied up/beaten with a belt.

I think of all of them, the story I liked the most was the last one because the two characters had history and weren’t meeting for the first time two hours before having sex. Abby and Sean had known each other since they were teenagers and he took her virginity about five years ago, before he left the family. The two of them were carrying a lot of baggage, Sean about his childhood and his life after moving in with Jax and Donovan, Abby with what happened to her after Sean left. They have lots of things to work through, he has things to apologise for and he also has changes to make in his life. I’d have liked to know more about his time with the motorcycle club as well and what he did after he left. I think I found Sean’s life the most interesting and he was the brother I would’ve liked to know much more about.

All in all – these were okay. They’re not exactly my preferred type of romance and everything moves along at a pretty fast clip but the writing is okay. I’ve read Jackie Ashenden before and didn’t mind the book I read. I also have one more book of hers to read on my Kindle, which is Mine To Take. It spins off very loosely from the final book in this collection – the main male character is a former associate of Sean’s and introduced very briefly. So I’ll be reading that next month.


Book #222 of 2014



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