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Review: Chained By Night – Larissa Ione

on September 29, 2014

Chained By NightChained By Night (MoonBound Clan #2)
Larissa Ione
Pocket Books
/2014, 416p
Copy courtesy of the publisher

As the leader of the MoonBound vampire clan, Hunter has to make the tough decisions and often, the sacrifices for the good of his clan. In order to bring peace to rival vampire clans so that they may have harmony to work together against a common enemy, he has agreed to mate the daughter of the leader of another clan. But the rival clan is completely different to the MoonBound Clan and their leader is bloodthirsty and cruel. His eldest daughter Rasha follows the same philosophy and Hunter knows that although he has to mate her for the greater good, he’ll never be able to like or respect her.

Rasha’s cripped twin sister Aylin accompanies her to the MoonBound Clan to assist Rasha until the mating. When they are attacked on the way they are rescued by the MoonBound Clan and Hunter mistakes Aylin for Rasha, as she was playing decoy. Both are immediately drawn to the other but the pact Hunter has made with Rasha and Aylin’s father cannot be broken without horrible consequences. Hunter also must face an ancient curse on his people by undertaking a severe test, one that he may not survive. He’s already been told that he must take one twin with him on the quest and that both will be the death of him but only one will save him.

And now Hunter has yet another choice to make and he’d better choose wisely….or it will be his last.

Chained By Night is the second in the MoonBound Clan books following on from Bound By Night. The leader of the MoonBound Clan Hunter was given a strange piece of information and a choice to make and I couldn’t wait to see how his story played out. I was absolutely not disappointed. Hunter has made the ultimate sacrifice in agreeing to mate Rasha, who comes from a clan that is almost the exact opposite in beliefs and philosphy to the MoonBound Clan. This is evident in their beliefs about and their treatment of cripples such as Rasha’s twin sister Aylin. She is shunned and reviled, believed to be cursed. When Aylin arrives at the MoonBound Clan’s headquarters she’s amazed to be given a guestroom befitting of Rasha and that she isn’t to be ignored. Here she can read books, she can learn things and ask questions. No one will beat her or curse her. And in turn, Hunter and the others are horrified and angered at the treatment she experiences in her own clan.

Rasha doesn’t endear herself to the MoonBound Clan, least of all her soon-to-be mate and this only intensifies when she refuses to undertake the quest with him, leaving Hunter no option but to take Aylin when she volunteers in Rasha’s place. Although he fears that Aylin’s physical limitations may hinder them, not going on the quest isn’t an option. I really appreciated the explanation of some of the origins of the vampires and also the quest and the curse. It definitely filled in some gaps that I felt were missing after reading the first book and painted a much bigger picture.

One thing that is never lacking is the chemistry and Hunter and Aylin have this in spades. From their first interaction in this book (which is a case of mistaken identity) and each one thereafter it fairly sizzles between them. All her life, Aylin has been seen as broken, as the wrong one. Rasha is beautiful and strong, a fierce warrior and considered a prize for any leader. Rasha gets a suitable mate, all that Aylin gets is being bargained out, the one thing going for her is that she is untouched. With Hunter, Aylin becomes desired and valued for herself. He doesn’t care that she was born with a physical deformity that limits her. He doesn’t care that she is considered a curse, an abomination that most in her clan would’ve drowned at birth. He sees that she possesses an incredible inner strength and bravery and a dedication to a sister that he doesn’t feel has earned it. Aylin is no pushover despite the fact that she’s always been dominated and taught to believe that she’s less than everyone else. She feels she has nothing to lose with the MoonBound Clan so she never hesitates to speak her mind, despite having been raised to show utter submission to pretty much everyone because her physical impairment places her at the very bottom of the pack. Hunter finds her challenging him and speaking her mind refreshing as well and I really liked that Ione took that time to establish their mental connection as well as a physical one. The sexual chemistry is fantastic but the fact that they connect so well in other ways really helped elevate their romance to that next level. The way they work together on the quest really boosts the attraction to much more and the complication of Hunter already being promised to Rasha brought an extra dimension of angst and drama.

This series just goes from strength to strength and I can’t wait for the third book – it was hinted quite strongly in this one that it could be about Myne and I’ve been wanting to know more about him since I read the first novel. We get a lot of answers about him in this one but I can’t wait to read from his point of view and find out what really happened to him in the past and more about his complicated relationship with Hunter. From what I’ve seen, his story is going to be fantastic.


Book #188 of 2014



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