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Review: Rock Courtship – Nalini Singh

on September 21, 2014

Rock CourtshipRock Courtship (Rock Kiss #1.5)
Nalini Singh
TKA Distribution
2014, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Drummer for rock band Schoolboy Choir, David has the nickname in the press as the Gentleman of Rock and it’s mostly true. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to take care of himself whenever he needs to but for the most part, David is quiet, respectful and dedicated.

His one weakness is the band’s publicist Thea. David has had feelings for her for a long time and he’s seen the destructive end of her former relationship. He’s given her time to grieve and now he’s ready to make his move only to be shut down by the ice princess. However Thea’s sister Molly, partner of David’s bandmate Fox gives him some very good advice. Thea is levelheaded and the thing that will intrigue her most is to engage her brain. Molly recommends David craft a memo to Thea, outlining all of the reasons why she should give him a chance. Molly knows Thea won’t be able to help herself – she will definitely reply. And David can use that to make further arguments for his case.

Thea doesn’t date clients and if she were to date one, she wouldn’t pick a rock star. They don’t exactly have the best reputations and after her faith in men was shattered, Thea needs someone that she can place her trust in utterly. David’s arguments are surprisingly good and he certainly makes her feel things she’s never felt before. But is it a huge mistake to get involved and give a man her heart who could break it so badly?

Although I didn’t love the first book in this series, I was intrigued enough by the side-plot of Molly’s sister and drummer in the band David. This is their story although it’s not a full-length novel. Despite being a band member, for some reason David only gets a novella. I think the shorter format actually worked well – it meant there wasn’t as much drama and the writing felt less overwrought and emotional. Thea’s story isn’t an original one – she was engaged to a man and walked in and found him with someone else and mere weeks later he was engaged to her. Thea has closed herself off from men since then, throwing herself into her career. She’s always maintained a strict professional relationship with the people she represents although there are some that she considers to be almost friends, such as the men from Schoolboy Choir.

David has been in love with Thea for a long time but he’s been sitting back, first while she was with someone else (who clearly didn’t deserve her) and then while she got over the disintegration of that relationship. The things that Thea’s ex found detrimental in her character are things that David admires. He likes her strength and her ballsiness, her determination and her ability to do her job but he also likes her generosity, how she does things to benefit other people, often at the expense of her business. He’s prepared to be patient and do the memos and slowly persuade her that he’s worthy of a chance.

I loved the ideas of the memos when they were suggested in the previous book and was really looking forward to reading them. I actually thought they’d be a bit more clever and funny than they were – I know this is NA and leans strongly towards explicit sexual relationships and themes but I didn’t expect the memos to head into that territory as fast as they did. David is pretty no-holds-barred about what he wants to do to Thea straight up and luckily, she finds that really quite a turn on. They do have a good chemistry, which was something the first book lacked and I really did enjoy them working through some of their issues and navigating their new status. Thea might not be from David’s world but she understands it. Thankfully her insecurity about groupies was fleeting.

Like most people, I understand how hard it can be to put yourself out there after a bad relationship and I could identify with Thea’s reluctance to become involved and I don’t think this was dragged out for too long or became too dramatic. I actually liked Thea a lot as a character and David’s lack of temper and zero moodiness made him a more palatable hero then Fox. I find Abe the most interesting band member, he clearly has lots of backstory and some issues as well. I’m not sure if I want to read Noah’s story, which looks like it might be next, but I’d definitely be interested in reading Abe’s.

All in all, this one was much better than the first one but I feel as though most of that is because of its shorter length which means that things had to advance more quickly and there was less time for drama to play out.


Book #186 of 2014


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