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August Reading Wrap Up

on August 31, 2014

Total Books Read: 19
Fiction: 19
Non-Fiction: 0
Library Books: 0
Books On My TBR List: 3
Books in a Series: 11
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 7
Male/Female Authors: 3/16
Kindle Books: 12
Books I Owned or Bought: 7
Favourite Book(s): Deeper Water, by Jessie Cole and Moonlight Plains, by Barbara Hannay
Least Favourite Book(s):  Lead, by Kylie Scott
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 8

August was nearly a write-off in terms of reading. I was congratulating myself to my husband at the beginning of the month, for having made it through almost the entirety of winter without getting sick. Well, obviously I tempted fate because halfway through the month I came down with an epic bout of the flu that lasted over two weeks (I’m still feeling the effects of it). I didn’t even pick up a single book for at least 12 days. I did no blogging during that time, in fact for probably the longest time ever, my laptop was switched off, ignored and neglected in a corner gathering dust. Normally I can read easily when I’m sick but I spent huge amounts of time in bed and when I wasn’t in bed, I was on the couch watching inane television. It was all I had the mental capacity for.

Then on Friday night I started a freebie book I got from Amazon called Spying in High Heels by Gemma Halliday and ended up really liking it. They’re not very long and they’re a bit of fun, the sort of stuff you don’t take seriously. They actually kind of remind me a bit of the Stephanie Plum series before it started to suck. I ended up buying the next 5 from Amazon and binge reading them all over the weekend so in the end, August’s total books read is a fairly respectable 19.

Despite being sick, I did manage to attend some Melbourne Writers Festival sessions, although not as many as I would’ve liked. I had to forego a few sessions (including ones I’d already booked for) because I just wasn’t up to going which was super disappointing because MWF is one of my favourite times of year and I was super excited about a lot of the sessions I planned to attend. I did end up attending 4-5 sessions and I do have recaps to write up and post at some stage. I also got to meet some lovely publishing people at MWF, people who have been on the other end of emails for the last year or two, which was super nice. Putting faces to names is always good! I attended some really enjoyable sessions and got to meet and get a photo with one of my all-time favourite authors as well. So look out for some of those recaps later this week.


One response to “August Reading Wrap Up

  1. Wow. Even having been sick, you managed to read a great deal more than I did in August! 2014 in general has been a bit of a difficult one for me in terms of reading. I’ve had to lower my Goodreads’ challenge goal at least twice, and even then I believe I’m at least six books behind at this point. While there have been a couple of standout books I’ve really adored, fewer books have really ‘grabbed me’ this year and I feel as though I’ve been struggling through a perpetual reading slump. I find myself already looking forward to 2015, if only for the fresh start it holds.

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