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Review: Tease Me Cowboy – Rachael Johns

on August 28, 2014

Tease Me CowboyTease Me, Cowboy
Rachael Johns
Montana Born Books
2014, eBook
Copy courtesy of the author

Selah Davis left her small hometown in Montana behind long ago and now works as a journalist in Seattle for a magazine. She’s on a rare trip home for the Marietta Rodeo where she’s going to be interviewing the country and western star special guest as well as a few cowboys. Over drinks with her best friends, Selah tells them she’s been working on a more serious article about regrets. She confesses that her regret in life is not sleeping with her high school boyfriend, Levi Monroe.

At that moment, Levi walks into the bar. He’s also back in Marietta for the rodeo, competing in what is going to be his last before setting up his own business. He and Selah haven’t seen each other for a long time but Levi has never forgotten her. He’s supposed to be aiming for top honours at the rodeo but he’s distracted already by Selah….and the distraction is about to get worse!

Selah’s friends dare her to proposition Levi to a one night stand to rectify her greatest regret and Selah finds herself blurting it out. If she can get this done, she might be able to put Levi out of her head and move on. But Selah, the daughter of a minister, has always been the ‘good girl’ and one night stands have never been her thing. She’s older now, so surely she can get through this without putting her heart in danger…surely?

Tease Me, Cowboy is a fun romantic novella from Aussie author Rachael Johns that makes up part of the Copper Mountain Rodeo Novellas by Montana Born Books series where all are set in the fictional Montana town of Marietta. You can read any of them stand alone but the characters do appear in other books, although in supporting roles so there’s reward in reading them all as well. I have only read this one and although I didn’t suffer for not knowing anything about the town and who everyone was, there were definitely a few characters mentioned that really interested me and I’d love to go back and read their stories now!

Selah Davis is back in her hometown for the rodeo, doing some interviews and catching up with her best friends. The daughter of religious parents, Selah was always the good girl growing up, especially after what happened to her sister. This caused a few bumps in her teen relationship with Levi Monroe, because he was keen to go all the way and although she was too, there was something always stopping her from taking that final step. They ended up breaking up and haven’t seen each other since….until now.

Not taking that final step has always been Selah’s regret and now she has a chance to fix it. Selah and Levi have a lot of fun interactions in this novel and I appreciated the dinner that they have, which allows them to get to know each other all over again as a lot of time has gone under the bridge! They are able to catch up on each other’s lives and find out that they still have things in common and that the conversation still flows. It isn’t just all about getting down to business! I have to admit that I felt Levi’s hang up about Selah not gifting her virginity to him was something that he really needed to get over. They were teenagers and she did have every right to say no if she wasn’t comfortable or ready. Punishing her for it over a decade later did seem a bit silly and I think Selah took it in a far more good-natured way than I would have in her position!

I enjoyed reading this and I enjoyed the community too – I actually just tried to buy the bundle for the first few novellas but the link seems to be broken so I need to see how I can get them all onto my kindle and read about all of Selah’s friends and the hot cowboy types they find love with! This is both sweet and saucy and although it’s quite short, there’s enough done to flesh out the two characters and give them the groundwork they need for their happy ever after.


Book #165 of 2014


Tease Me, Cowboy is book #62 of the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2014



2 responses to “Review: Tease Me Cowboy – Rachael Johns

  1. Did someone say cowboy?! Oops. Don’t mind that Jen-shaped hole in the wall over there. But seriously. If there’s one thing sure to grab my attention in a romance novel, it’s the promise of a cowboy. I’m always on the look out for new ones to read, particularly since I’ve exhausted Lorelei James’ seriously sexy ‘Rough Riders’ and ‘Blacktop Cowboys’ series! I particularly like series set in one community and populated by the same cast of familiar characters, so the Copper Mountain Rodeo Novellas essentially sounds tailor-made for me! Levi’s attitude toward Selah’s virginity is definitely a turn-off, though. It’s a personal choice every woman has to make and he wasn’t owed anything simply because they were seeing one another. I definitely would not have taken that behaviour well at all, were I Selah!

    • Ooh if cowboys are your thing, you should try this series! There’s a bundle you can buy somewhere and some of them, based on what I read in this one, sound really good! I definitely want to read the rest of them. I think there’s a few on NetGalley atm as well.

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