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Top 10 Tuesday 29th July

on July 29, 2014


Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme created and hosted by The Broke & The Bookish featuring a different literary theme each week. This week the topic is:

Top 10 Authors I Own The Most Books From

Okay to be honest, I’m mostly only guessing on some of these. I own over a thousand books and although I attempt to catalogue them, I never seem to be up to date on them. But some of them I know for certain, so I’ll start with them:

  1. Janet Evanovich: I own the first sixteen books in the Stephanie Plum series and the two in the Alex Barnaby series so at 18, I’m pretty sure this would be #1. I loved the Stephanie Plum series back in the day and even after I started losing interest (at around book 11) I hung in there, buying the next few until I finally gave up and started just borrowing them from the library.
  2. Charlaine Harris: I own 12 books from Harris, all from the Sookie Stackhouse series. I think there’s 13 in that series, I still haven’t even read #12, I know how it ends and….yeah. I just can’t bring myself to actually finish it because, disappointment.
  3. Rachel Caine, Don DeLillo, John Irving, Kathy Reichs and Alexander McCall Smith: According to my LibraryThing account (which hasn’t been updated in quite a while, mostly because I buy/receive a lot of Australian books and they’re never in the database and I get sick of adding them), my husband and I own 11 from all of these authors. I suspect that I might own 12 or even 13 from Kathy Reichs now but I can’t be bothered actually trying to hunt them down to check.
  4. Marian Keyes: I own 10 books written by Keyes – she was one of my favourite authors for many years. I still have a soft spot for Rachel’s Holiday (gotta love Luke) and Anybody Out There? which broke my heart!
  5. Maria Snyder and Richelle Mead: 9 books by each of these – I have to admit, the Maria Snyder one is a bit of a surprise and an embarrassment as I haven’t actually read any of them! I knew I owned a few, there was a discount store here that had most of her backlist for $5 each and I know I bought quite a few but I didn’t realise it was that many! It’s kind of bad that I haven’t read any of them. I must get around to them one day. Richelle Mead is a no brainer, I just need to finish buying the books I don’t have in the VA series.
  6. Graham Greene, Stuart MacBride, Judy Nunn, Kate Thompson, Madeleine Wickham/Sophie Kinsella: 7 books owned from each of these authors. The Graham Greenes are my husband’s, I really do like Sophie Kinsella’s books although I’m not that fond of the ones I have that are written under her real name of Madeleine Wickham.
  7. Margaret Atwood, Jilly Cooper, Helen Dunmore, David Eddings, Richard Flanagan, Richard Ford, Colm Toibin, Isobelle Carmody: 6 books each from these according to LT – the Margaret Atwoods, Helen Dunmores, the Richards both Ford and Flanagan and Colm Toibin books belong to my husband but I’ve sampled from each author. The Jilly Coopers are left over from my horse crazy teen days and I love both David Eddings and Isobelle Carmody.
  8. Melina Marchetta, Jane Austen, Sylvia Day, Tim Winton: 5 from each of these although I suspect Sylvia Day is wrong because it feels like I got sent at least double that for review over the past 2 or so years. I’m slowly adding to my collection of Melina Marchetta books and nearly all of what I do own are signed. I have a few Austens, mostly because I adore the English Classic Library versions and have bought several over the past few years. The Tim Winton’s belong to my husband. Actually, that should probably be 6 for him, because I bought my husband his new book last year. Which I keep meaning to read.

Ok there are about 55+ authors on 4 and 3 books so I think that’s probably enough! If this has taught me anything, it’s how hopelessly out of date my cataloging is and I really have no clue how many books I own by what authors! I only add books to goodreads as I read them so anything I owned prior to joining hasn’t been included and I am always forgetting to update LibraryThing, mostly because of the reason I already mentioned. Really need to think of a way I can improve this.

7 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 29th July

  1. Ooh, good topic, think I might have a go at that one!

    I see a lot of familiar authors, and like you I’ve got numerous books by authors that I haven’t read yet! I might find some surprises too…

  2. I still haven’t managed to get through the Evanavitch series… i think I’m up to book 4- must do something about that! Charlaine Harris probably tops my list, with about 14 books.

  3. Margaret Atwood made my list too. Some fab authors in there, reminds me I must read more Colm Toibin!

  4. Cait says:

    Woot! That’s a lot of books! My list is embarrassingly skinny…but I haven’t been book blogging for long so I don’t feel too bad. 😉 Thank god for libraries though, or else I wouldn’t have read hardly any of these! I would LURVE to own some more Melina Marchetta! I’m such a huge fan of Finnikin of the Rock. Here’s my TTT!

  5. curlygeek04 says:

    I’ve got Atwood and Austen on my list too! And Charlaine Harris could have been on my list but I stopped reading the Sookie series at some point. You’ve also got a lot of authors I haven’t heard of before.

  6. Jazmin Jade says:

    I own 8 Harris books from that series and I have only read 1. Does it get better? I got them as a gift and I feel bad that I don’t want to read them.

  7. Great list! Jane Austen definitely made it on my list this week as well 🙂 At one point I did own quite a number of Sophie Kinsella novels but then I gave some of them to my best friend xD

    My TTT

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