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Review: Accidentally Married On Purpose – Rachel Harris

on July 17, 2014

Accidentally MarriedAccidentally Married On Purpose (Love and Games #3)
Rachel Harris
Entangled Publishing
2014, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Sherry Robicheaux loves romance and relationships and love but she’s never really had very good taste in men. Most of the mysterious, secretive types she tends to go for are that way because she discovers that they’re hiding other women. So Sherry is going to do one last crazy thing before she implements her new plan. She has a job overseeing a catering gig in Las Vegas for her family’s restaurant and she’s going to have a crazy weekend fling with someone probably very inappropriate. And then she’s going to go home, find Mr Boring and Dependable and settle down and get married.

Tyler Blue is the lead singer of the hugely popular country band Blue. They’re playing a charity gig in Vegas but he’d really just like a little weekend of anonymity. Where no one wants something from him because he’s Tyler Blue. He doesn’t have time for relationships, his music and his career is his dream. So when he meets a hot girl with purple streaks in her hair in the green room who doesn’t know who he is, he thinks this is perfect.

But then Tyler and Sherry wake up married. Tyler’s management have been pushing for him to have a girlfriend. His niche isn’t rock and roll, his fans want to see him settled and happy. So Tyler proposes that instead of a quick, quiet divorce, they stay married to boost his career. He’ll give Sherry a few things she wants in return and then after a whirlwind month of hanging out in her home town showing off for the media, he’ll go on tour and they’ll quietly end things. Sherry knows this can’t last and so she needs to take steps to protect her heart so she doesn’t fall in love with her husband…but has she done enough?

I didn’t realise when I received this book that it’s actually the third in a series, with two previous books about Sherry’s siblings, sister Colby and brother Cane. I did feel at a little bit of a disadvantage, although the previous characters don’t play a huge role, they do appear and obviously Sherry appeared in their books too so for readers of the entire series, her character was probably fairly well established.

Sherry is tired of making the wrong choices regarding men and she wants to settle down and find someone who will stick by her, someone she can count on. She’s seen her sister and then her brother find their soul mates and it seems as though if she can’t have a perfect match like they have both found, she’ll settle for at least having a match that goes somewhere. Her perfect plan is of course, ruined when she marries country star Tyler Blue in Las Vegas without actually having a clue who he is. She thinks he’s just one of the roadies, not the actual lead singer. Even though Sherry didn’t actually really follow country music or know anything about Blue, I was still surprised she’d never seen him, given how famous and successful they supposedly were. Especially as he’s from the same state as her and lots of press like to make a big deal of the local kids done good.

That aside, the ‘accidentally married but we’ll go through with it anyway’ is not a new idea and therefore it can be tricky to pull off. I think Rachel Harris does well here because Tyler and Sherry hammer out a ‘deal’ about how their marriage is going to work where each of them get to input what they want out of it. And for the most part, both of them really stick to it and as Tyler spends the month with Sherry in her hometown, he gets to know her in a way much like if they were really beginning a relationship. I appreciated this because given they married within 2 days of meeting, to build a credible future they have to actually do more than get drunk. And both of them begin to talk to the other, about the sort of dreams they have and what they want out of life. Unfortunately it appears at first that those dreams are in no real way compatible.

Because I’m not Southern, or even American, I can find Southern characters a little difficult – it’s all the “sugars” and the “baby girls” and Tyler is pretty Southern. However I found myself liking him a lot, despite his often cheesy endearments. He’s dedicated and smart and he knows what he wants and he loves his family and has always respected them. He also learns some serious lessons about misconceptions he’s had and he is a little slow in figuring out what he really wants, but he’s pretty good at going after it when he finally figures it out. I think he and Sherry definitely worked really well together and they both helped each other realise that they could have their dreams and the HEA as well.

The only thing – I have to admit, I did think this would be a little spicier than it was. It’s definitely more a sweet romance than a sexy one. I think that Tyler and Sherry did have good chemistry and it would’ve been nice for the reader to see that pay off.


Book #144 of 2014


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