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Review: Perfect 10 – Erin McCarthy

on May 19, 2014

Perfect 10Perfect 10 
Erin McCarthy
Cosmo Red-Hot Reads (Harlequin)
2014, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Katrina is an expert in social media, but even experts make mistakes. When she gets a new phone, she’s a bit confused about some of the settings and accidentally ends up syncing her Booty Book app with pretty much everything else, including her professional website. She uploads all of the personal information about everyone she’s ever been out with on a date or slept with and what she felt about them, from how they acted with the bill, to their penis size and description. Whilst she receives a few more than irate texts from those who didn’t score so highly, she also receives a text from the one that got away, Drew. Katrina rated him nearly perfect (especially his “magnificent penis”) and Drew is rather flattered by the rating. He also wouldn’t mind getting together again so he could improve his score in the areas he didn’t rate so highly in, such as cuddling after sex and his wardrobe.

Katrina has had feelings for Drew for a long time but their drunken night together didn’t end well and she never heard from him again until now. When he suggests meeting for a catch up, Katrina isn’t sure what he wants. Maybe he just wants another booty call, given what she rated him in the sack! But Drew shows interest in more than that, he wants to take Katrina on dates and give himself a chance to improve on the areas he didn’t score so highly in. But Katrina is worried about one of the lines she wrote in the rating, that betrayed her true feelings for him. She doesn’t want to do anything to make him bolt again, like he did last time.

Perfect 10 is another of the Cosmo Red-Hot Reads for May and the second one that I grabbed for a bit of light entertainment between the heavy reading I’m doing this month. I have to say that I enjoyed this one quite a bit more than the other – who doesn’t love a good social media mishap?! Katrina is a bit confuzzled by her new phone and she accidentally uploads all of the intricate and intimate details of her “Booty Book” app to all of her public profiles including her professional website. It lists everyone she’s every slept with or even been out with on a date with and scores them in many aspects including sex performance (if they had it), clothing, personality, manners, etc. When the irate messages start coming in, some from disgruntled ex-lovers and some from employers demanding an explanation, Katrina wants to hide. She knows she has to act fast to control the damage, especially with her professional reputation.

But then a message comes in from Drew, who Katrina hasn’t seen since their drunken night together about two years ago. They’d gone to college together and Katrina had always had a crush on him but it wasn’t until they were both tanked on vodka that anything happened. However Drew disappeared without a trace afterwards – but now having read Katrina’s glowing report of their night together, he’s back. And he wants to get together. The two of them immediately fall into a comfortable routine in some ways, the chemistry is still there, they enjoy each other’s company but deep down, each of them are still insecure about things. Katrina hasn’t forgotten what else she wrote in that entry, something that Drew hasn’t mentioned yet. And Drew regrets walking out on her after that one night together, and allowing them to fall out of contact. He wants to be all in this time, but isn’t sure if Katrina does.

I enjoyed this story (the Booty Book app is horrifyingly amusing, I can’t imagine ever having that sort of private information in a place where it could possibly end up public!) but I really think that Drew’s disappearance wasn’t explained adequately. It felt really weak and a poor little boy excuse and the two of them never discussed it properly. I know that it’s a fun and light-hearted book but that doesn’t mean that people don’t feel things and Katrina clearly had some issues left over from Drew’s disappearance from her life without a word. Given they were such good friends, him leaving after they had sex was a total dick move. But Drew has had two years to grow up I suppose and work out what he wants and how not to stuff it up this time. The characters did feel younger than the supposed 24, 25… I’d have said it read more like they were about 20.

All in all a pretty decent story although perhaps not quite as steamy as I was expecting. The Cosmo Red-Hot Reads don’t actually seem to be all that red hot in some cases!


Book #103 of 2014



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