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Review: Talk Dirty To Me – Dakota Cassidy

on April 11, 2014

Talk Dirty To MeTalk Dirty To Me (Plum Orchard #1)
Dakota Cassidy
Harlequin MIRA
2014, 400p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Notorious bad girl Dixie Davis is being forced to go back to her home town of Plum Orchard, Georgia for the first time in a decade. In high school, Dixie was a ‘mean girl’, excelling at making the lives of Plum Orchard girls a misery. Some time after that she’d turned over a new leaf, including getting engaged to local golden boy Caine Donovan. But then Dixie messed up spectacularly – she lost any respect she might’ve gained and even more importantly, she lost Caine.

Now due to the death of perhaps the only friend she ever truly had, Landon, Dixie has been forced back to the suffocating small town for his funeral and also to hear his will. Landon has left Dixie a challenge – if she can stick it out working at one of Landon’s very successful businesses, living in his big house, she’ll inherit it. Free and clear. There’s only a few complications:

  • Firstly, she’s in competition with Caine, who has the same opportunity to inherit as Dixie
  • Secondly, she needs to live in the big house with Caine
  • Thirdly, the business phone sex – Dixie needs to learn the ropes and garner as many customers as possible. More than Caine.

Whoever gets the most clients will become the new owner of Call Girls. Dixie needs this, more than anyone could ever know and she’s determined to win it and win it fairly. The old Dixie wouldn’t hesitate to cheat but new Dixie is going to win fair and square. She also needs to deal with the local contingent of women who want nothing more than her gone again, preferably in even more shame and disgrace than before…and who will do anything to achieve it!

The first three books in this new series are all on NetGalley and I came across the third one first, not realising that it was actually part of a series. I really wanted to read it but then I noticed another one…and thought I’d better check out if I’d missed any. Luckily I hadn’t. I thought the idea of a series revolving around a phone sex business was such an interesting idea – and definitely not one I’d ever read before!

Dixie has a long and chequered past in Plum Orchard Georgia. She’s one of the daughters of the wealthy and influential families and was always popular at school but she mostly used her powers for bad, not good. She delighted in making others feel inferior or miserable and when she grew up and realised her mistake, she tried to make amends. Unfortunately Dixie couldn’t resist just one more competition with another girl and it brought about her downfall. Now ten years after that, in her thirties, Dixie has to return to her childhood home even though most people can’t stand the sight of her. The exception, the one person who loved Dixie no matter what, was Landon and now that he’s gone Dixie absolutely has to honour him and their friendship, no matter how difficult it is for her to be back there. In return, Landon screws her seriously in his will, making her live and work in competition with her former fiance and the one great love of her life, Caine Donovan.

This book is really, really Southern and I suspect you might need to be Southern, or at least familiar with it to get some of the sugary mannerisms and the way Mamas bring up their daughters and the social hierarchy. Being not Southern and not even from America at that, little parts of it did drift over my head at times. Dixie is an interesting character, she’s kind of unlikable even in her current form which mixes that diva Southern Belle with a girl who has seen more and lost it all in Chicago. She swings back and forth between trying to prove to herself that she’s turned over this new leaf and sinking back into her old ways, albeit for better causes and in defense of people she has come to care about. There’s no denying though, that she’s still a bit of a loose cannon and perhaps always will be. She has fighting spirit and her determination to win this gig and the way she plans to use the income has proved that. She begins making a tentative friend in Em, a woman Dixie was horrible to in their school days and the friendship is definitely not a smooth one. Em has to convince herself that this isn’t some huge joke, that Dixie isn’t going to ruin her again. I really liked Em and her battle to believe in Dixie and I’m happy that her story is the second one in this series. Cassidy sets it up perfectly in this book and I can’t wait to read it.

I found it a bit difficult to get on board with Dixie and Caine, mostly because Caine is an ass throughout most of the book. He may have his reasons but he got a bit tiresome for me, especially his tendency to slip into impressions of famous people which he is apparently very gifted at. He sort of won me over by the end with the way the competition played out and even though he was pretty sneaky, especially at getting Dixie to confess things, I think that he did it for the right reasons. I didn’t fall in love with him as a hero but I mostly liked him by the end. The highlight for me was really Landon and the way he’d managed to maintain such deep and close friendships with both Dixie and Caine, even after their epic fallout some 10 years before.

A promising start and I think I’m looking forward to books 2&3 more.


Book #84 of 2014



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