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Review: Crazy, Stupid Sex – Maisey Yates

on February 1, 2014

Crazy Stupid SexCrazy, Stupid Sex
Maisey Yates
Cosmo Red-Hot Reads (Harlequin)
2014, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

App developer Evie James is brilliant at her job – in fact she’s a millionaire at just 27. But when it comes to hooking up or relationships, she’s got no idea. For ten years she was with the same guy out of habit and it was unexciting and boring. The few times she managed to express that she might want to try something different it was met with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Which made it all the more humiliating when she caught her boyfriend trying some of these things….with someone else.

Now Evie has kicked him out and is working on a new app for Flirt magazine. The only problem is she needs to test it and make sure that the tips and tricks really do work for landing a hot guy. So she goes to a bar and attempts to pick up a man just for one night, all in the name of research of course. She tries and bombs out on three guys, her awkwardness sending them running. However, it gets her noticed by Caleb Anderson.

Hooking up is something Caleb specialises in. He watches Evie and despite the awkwardness, she’s hot – there’s something about her. And so he decides that seeing as how she’s not having much luck, he’ll take her home himself. After all she’s out for what he is – one night and when she tells him that she’s been missing out and settling for second rate sex, he’s more than happy to teach her a few things and show her a few more. What follows is a huge surprise for Evie…and also for Caleb.

For the first time, he’s not satisfied with just one night.

Crazy, Stupid Sex is a fun story that pairs a socially awkward but very dedicated and talented app programmer up with a one night stand master who is directionless in life and has no real sense of purpose or ambition. Evie was with her high school sweetheart for 10 years but it had become boring, stale and problematic. Although he liked spending her money he felt her earning it emasculated him somewhat and he was also reluctant to try anything new in bed. Evie had come to accept second rate sex as the norm but finding him experimenting with someone else was the last straw and she ended the relationship.

Caleb was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has been fired from every job he’s ever had. He lives a life of luxury, regularly going to bars to pick up women for one night stands without ever making a scrap of commitment. He doesn’t even sleep with women – he’s always well out of there by the time that rolls around.

These two characters really worked together because the author allowed each of them time to play up to their different strengths and also exposed their weaknesses. At their first meeting in the bar, Evie is a hopeless fish out of water – she has no idea how to make conversation with people and even the fact that she’s hot isn’t enough to make most guys stick around. By contrast Caleb is in his element and could presumably have any of the women at the bar but he finds himself intrigued by Evie. He said some lines to her and she responds pretty hilariously, asking him how he can say incredibly douchey things and yet still be appealing and I knew what she meant. Caleb does say very douchey things but yet it doesn’t really make him an actual douche. That’s quite a gift, writing wise.

After the one night stand, where Caleb is the dominant character, we get a chance to see Evie in her element at work, as the boss and so does Caleb. He strolls up expecting her to beg him for more of the same and is quickly rebuffed as she goes about her business. She wants him but she also has a job, a proper job that she does to earn her living and it also earns other people their living as well so she can’t afford to be goofing off, unlike Caleb. He has money anyway and he doesn’t need to work but he begins to understand just how much Evie has achieved for her young age. She’s younger than he is and she has earned herself a nice amount of money and is well respected and does a good job. He realises how little he has to show for his own life given he’s spent the last ten or so years living as a die-hard playboy always there for a good time. He has some reasons for why he is this way and they’re explored a little towards the end of the book but I’d have liked to know if Caleb found his calling at some stage and decided what he wanted to do with himself and his life.

This is by far the best story I’ve read from this imprint – it’s well written, it’s fun and the characters work together. They find a way to balance each other out and Evie tends to take Caleb’s remarks in good spirit and in turn he sees her successes and how hard she has worked and the fact that she’s a little awkward doesn’t bother him.


Book #27 of 2014


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  1. Great review! Fabulous insight. I’m off to check this one out further! P.s your blog is gorgeous 🙂

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