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Review: Fairway To Heaven – Lily Malone

on January 23, 2014

NewFinalFair#2Fairway To Heaven
Lily Malone
2014, eBook
Bought for my Kindle

Jennifer Gates is looking forward to… rekindling the magic with her boyfriend, golf-pro Jack. Ever since they had their son, things in the intimacy department have been few and far between and the attempt to get together has been plagued with many difficulties. So Jennifer has made an effort, dropped their son off with her friend Emmy and is on the way to surprise Jack.

But it’s Jenn that gets the surprise when Jack isn’t in the pro shop and she finds him and someone he’s supposed to be giving “lessons” to getting hot and heavy in a bunker on the twelfth. Jenn’s best friend Emmy can immediately tell that Jenn needs some time to get away and so she gives her the keys to her family’s beach house where they all spent a lot of time as teens and college students.

What Emmy didn’t know was that her brother Brayden was also getting away from it all at the beach house. Eight years ago Brayden and Jenn shared a kiss that rocked her world. She had been crazy about Brayden for as long as she could remember but they’ve never been able to get the timing quite right. Brayden left for a FIFO job and then down the road Jenn met Jack. However being at the shack again, remembering the time they almost managed to get it together and realising that both of them still have feelings for each other that have never quite gone away helps Jenn work out what she wants. As she sets about putting her life back together again, starting a new business and attempting to negotiate issues with Jack, Jenn and Brayden take tentative steps towards love. But Jenn still has things that she needs to work out, both in her head and with her body before she can be with him the way she truly wants.

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of golf. My brother used to play throughout his teen years and occasionally still has a hit around when he can find the time if he’s not working and my grandfather loved the game and played for probably 20 or 25 years before his health became too fragile. But I’m not exactly what you would call….sporty. However if you’re anything like me, don’t let a lack of interest in golf put you off this book. Because it’s fabulous!

Jenn Gates unexpectedly finds herself facing being a single mother after she catches boyfriend Jack in the act putting on someone else’s green. As the mother of two young boys I could find myself relating to Jenn a lot. I’m not a single mother but I have taken my boys away (my eldest alone and then together after my youngest was born) and I have done it alone and it is hard. Sebby is adorable and quite a good baby, much like my own two, who all slept and ate and were generally pretty hard to put out of sorts but there’s no denying that facing down going it alone is daunting. Jenn is remarkably selfless about making sure that Jack will still be able to be a huge part of Seb’s life and she does everything she can to make sure that it doesn’t need to go to court but she also doesn’t allow him or his wealthy mother to walk all over her either. She discovers what she wants during her beach getaway and she also sticks to her guns and doesn’t let anyone intimidate her out of moving away from Perth down to Busselton.

I think many people have that ‘the one that got away’ in their past, someone that they wanted to be with but things were never quite right and that’s what Brayden is for Jennifer. She had a crush on him as a teenager that only deepened the older they got but apart from a drunken kiss on the steps of the beach shack some eight years ago, not much has happened between them. When Brayden is in residence at the beach shack as well, it gives both of them an opportunity to think about ones they’ve missed in the past. They’re now both single, although Jenn is obviously very fresh out of a relationship that has ended badly. What balances this out in a way is that Brayden is having his own big troubles, although not of the romantic kind. I’m not going to say too much about this because it would spoil it but I found it a very brave and interesting story to give to the obvious love interest. What I liked about Jennifer and Brayden was their support of each other – Brayden is supportive both about the end of her relationship with Jack and also of her starting up her own business. Jennifer is incredibly supportive of Brayden during his difficult time and she wants to make sure that he has good assistance and that he is doing what he needs to do to get through it and that he’s okay. Even though they haven’t seen each other much in the past few years, it seems clear that they know each other quite well and understand each other. Brayden is also exactly what a man should be about Jennifer’s “issues” and a stark contrast to Jack who seems to view her vagina as his personal property. Brayden is also awesome with Seb but I have to say, Seb’s at a pretty easy age to introduce such a thing into his life.

For authors who want to self-publish, I’d hold this one up as recommended reading. It’s done very well – the writing is good and the editing is excellent. Despite the fact that it has an epilogue, not everything from this story is tied up at the end. I’m hoping that Lily Malone decides to write the story of Pope and Emmy and that book might include things that were not covered in this one!


Book #19 of 2014


Fairway To Heaven is book #8 read and reviewed for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014


7 responses to “Review: Fairway To Heaven – Lily Malone

  1. Jenn J McLeod | House for all Seasons says:

    Have been meaning to buy this one. Love the cover. Thx for the prompt. I just bought it.

  2. Lily Malone says:

    I think you’re allowed to count Sydney Swans ‘fandom’ as ‘sportiness’… just by the way. Thanks for a fabulous review. I’m so glad you liked it.

  3. That cover is quite clever and fun, isn’t it – gave me a real tickle! – but I have to admit that the golf reference would have put me off if I’d seen it without the context of your review. I’ll have to look this one up – you don’t often describe a book as “fabulous” and I wouldn’t want to overlook this one!

  4. […] let a lack of interest in golf put you off this book. Because it’s fabulous!” All The Books I Can Read (23 January […]

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