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2014 Challenges


For the third year in a row, I am taking part in the Australian Women Writers Challenge. Each of the two years I’ve participated I’ve been able to read over 100 books for the challenge, so I’m hoping to do the same in 2014.


For the second year in a row I am also taking part in the Aussie Author Challenge, hosted by Jo over at Booklover Book Reviews. Like last year, I am modifying this challenge slightly – I aim to read at least 12 books by Australian male writers, some of which are new to me, at least 2 titles which are non-fiction and at least 3 titles which are published in 2013 or 2014. Last year I managed to read more than the 12 I challenged myself to so I’d like to attempt that again in 2014.LitExp ChallengeI’m contiuing the Literary Exploration challenge – last year I began the Insane level which requires reading one book from each of the following genres and sub-genres:

  1. Adventure
  2. Auto-Biography/Biography
  3. Chick-Lit
  4. Childrens Book
  5. Classics
  6. Cyberpunk
  7. Drama
  8. Dystopian
  9. Educational
  10. Erotica
  11. Espionage
  12. Fantasy
  13. Graphic Novels
  14. Gothic
  15. Hard-Boiled
  16. Historical Fiction
  17. Horror
  18. Humour
  19. Literary Fiction
  20. Magical Realism
  21. Mystery
  22. Noir
  23. Non Fiction
  24. Paranormal
  25. Philosophical
  26. Poetry
  27. Post-Apocalyptic
  28. Romance
  29. Science Fiction
  30. Steampunk
  31. Supernatural
  32. Thriller
  33. True Crime
  34. Urban Fantasy
  35. Victorian
  36. Young Adult

I only got halfway through in 2013 and so now I aim to finish it in 2014.

classicsclubI will be continuing my participation in The Classics Club challenge, aiming to read 50 classics in 5 years. I’m hoping to read 12 classics at least in 2014, one a month. I am hopelessly behind on this challenge, I readily admit that, but I see any progress at all as good progress!


5 responses to “2014 Challenges

  1. A warm welcome to the Aussie Author Challenge Bree!

  2. […]  Bree @ All The Books I Can Read […]

  3. Tarla Kramer says:

    I don’t know how you do it! I’m managing about one aww 2013 review per fortnight and that’s all I’m doing. I must be a slow slow reader.

  4. Hi 1girl. I’m not sure how to contact you, but I have a fantasy book to review by an Australian Woman if you’re interested. Cheers, Kasper.

  5. Zk says:

    Does anyone have PDF of claiming the courtesan???

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