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My One And Only – Kristan Higgins

on December 28, 2013

My One & OnlyMy One And Only
Kristan Higgins
2011, 382p
Read from my local library

Divorce attorney Harper James makes her living from helping people end their marriages and help their hearts figure out what their head already knows. She has decided that it might be time for her to actually get married herself though and sets about outlining her thoughts to her boyfriend of several years. She doesn’t get the enthusiastic response she expected and Harper makes an interstate trip to her younger sister’s third wedding, confused about a lot of things. Firstly, she’s worried that her sister is making yet another mistake. And secondly, she’s not exactly sure what’s going on between her and Dennis right now. She thought that she’d planned things logically and thoughtfully, avoiding the messy rush of feelings that so often leads to divorce down the track.

After the wedding, Harper is unexpectedly stranded, forced into accepting her ex-husband’s offer of a lift back home when all of the planes at the nearby airport have been grounded. Harper isn’t sure about the feelings that being around Nick stirs up. He’s in a box labelled ‘the past’ and it’s never really been a box she wanted to open. But she can’t deny the connection between them, even though it’s been years since they’ve seen each other. They married too young, straight out of college and Harper feels it was no surprise it didn’t work. Nick has always blamed her – but he’s also made it quite clear that he feels that she was also always ‘the one’ for him as well. And the more time they spend together, the more the memories of the good times they had are resurfacing. Nick is impossibly appealing and he’s always known all the right things to say. But it didn’t work out before and Harper has handled that and moved on from it. She doesn’t want to go backwards, because getting involved with Nick again might break her heart even more badly than it did the first time.

So I am on a mission to read Kristan Higgins’s backlist and I chose this one as my next read because it contains a road trip which is one of my very favourite things in a book, especially a romance book. What’s not to love about hours on the open road with some great music, getting to know the characters? What I’m also learning is that these books are either really hit or a bit of a miss for me. And unfortunately this one? Bit of a miss.

Harper is a divorce lawyer and she had a marriage that ended badly and now she doesn’t believe in love! and all of that stuff and we are told that many, many times. She has a ‘relationship’ of sorts with a fireman named Dennis who I am assuming is in his mid-to-late twenties but actually comes across as a seventeen year old boy who has been smoking too much dope. It’s all “dude” and “woah” right here. When her useless younger sister Willa calls and announces that she is again getting married (after husband #1 went to prison and husband #2 came out as gay) this also comes with the added kicker that Willa is marrying Harper’s ex-husband Nick’s brother. And that Nick will naturally be at the wedding.

My biggest problem with this book is that the backstory is ridiculous. They met in college at a bar where Nick told Harper he was going to marry her before he even knew he name. It’s kind of creepy, the way he comes onto her there and even though apparently he’s super funny and sweet and awesome, not enough is really shown of this in the past or in the present. All we get in the past is Nick hitting on her, them getting married and him ignoring her for the first year of their marriage because he’s a super important architect and trying to get lots of work done. Harper, who has given up grad school to move to New York to be with him, is bored and lonely and Nick basically flaps his hands and says go away honey, I’m busy. So she gets a job and finds some friends and is happy and then it all implodes for pretty stupid reasons and they get divorced and basically do not speak again until arriving for Willa’s wedding. Nick is quite accusatory towards Harper, believing her solely responsible for the break down of their marriage when actually he contributes a huge amount to it something he seems to refuse to see for a very long time. He never seems to want to listen to her, he just wants to sit back and play some sort of injured Byronic type character who is so hurt that the love of his life treated him the way she did. So much was left unresolved, such as Nick’s second marriage and the reason he ignored her so much and how he refused to see how unhappy Harper was during the short time they lived in New York. I never really got any chemistry between them, unlike other Higgins books and theirs certainly didn’t seem like the sort of love that had steadfastly endured for over a decade of them not even seeing each other. It just all came across as a bit awkward. Harper had a lot of issues stemming from her childhood and the departure of her mother from her life, something else that was never really satisfactorily dealt with either by the book or by Harper. She seemed so blind to so many things that a woman in her thirties should really have figured out.

This one was just an okay read for me, not living up to the heights of The Best Man or All I Ever Wanted.


Book #328 of 2013


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