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Searching For Someday – Jennifer Probst

on December 17, 2013

Searching For SomedaySearching For Someday (Searching For #1)
Jennifer Probst
Gallery Books
2013, 375p
Copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster AU

Kate Seymour runs Kinnections, a matchmaking agency in Verily, New York with 2 of her closest friends. The three of them each have their strengths and Kate’s is a little more unusual than the other’s. She’s gifted with a special power – an electrical jolting touch that signifies when love is at work. If she touches two clients at the same time and feels that jolt then she knows that they’re the ones for each other. It’s enabled Kinnections to bring about a healthy amount of marriages and serious relationships the short amount of time they’ve been in business.

Divorce lawyer Slade Montgomery has been protective of his sister Jane for some time. Their parents died and Slade has made it his duty to look after Jane, who has had some fragile moments. When he learns that she’s moving to Verily, New York out of his Tribeca apartment and has joined Kinnections, he’s incensed. There’s no way he’ll stand by and let con artists rip off his sister and probably cause her heartbreak all over again. He storms down there and into the office, ready to have his say with threats of lawsuits.

What he doesn’t count on is Kate Seymour herself. She’s everything he doesn’t want. Slade is a cynic. He’s been married and is now divorced and now he makes his living out of helping other people achieve the same thing. He doesn’t believe in love or happily ever after. He thinks it’s all just oxytocin and hormones whereas Kate is a believer in the true love, the forever after. When she and Slade touch the electricity that rockets through them both is like something she has never experienced before. This isn’t the tingle she experiences when she touches other soul mates. This is way, way more than that.

Slade ends up joining Kinnections as a client so that he can see what they do and decide for himself whether or not they aren’t taking advantage of Jane (he’s quite sure that he’ll be right and be able to expose them). However  for Kate soon the challenge isn’t going to be about making Slade see that they’re not con artists…. it’s going to be about Slade and Kate ignoring that they find each other irresistible and that opposites attract more powerfully than ever.

Searching For Someday is the first novel in a new series by Jennifer Probst that spins off from another series, the Marriage to a Billionaire series. I’ve seen some of those books around recently but I haven’t read any of them and I didn’t know they were connected until I got halfway through this story. I don’t really think it’s necessary to have read the others, although some characters from those novels do appear briefly in a scene in this book and I do believe the spell that Kate uses at one stage in the book is from the other novels as well. Having read this though, I do plan to go back and read the other series at some stage, possibly over the summer.

Kate was raised by a hippy mother, a sex therapist who regularly tells her daughter she needs to ‘get some’ and smokes pot. Because of her upbringing and also her ‘gift’ of being able to tell if two people are suited just by touching them, Kate is more open to the things that cannot be explained. She’s also a firm believer in love, having see her parents experience the real thing and enjoys bringing it about in her day job. Despite the fact that she can find other people’s soul mates, she’s never found her own. She’s never experienced a spark by touching someone else…until now. By contrast Slade is a bitter, cynical divorce lawyer who has a lot in terms of material possessions and is driven in his work but regards love as a waste of time and puts it all down to hormones. He’s a bit bossy and overbearing at times and the fun is watching Kate stand up to him and not allow him to intimidate her but without losing her temper, something that she’s been working on. The two of them are total opposites and although Kate is spending time attempting to set Slade up with other clients, she can’t deny that she wants him for herself even though long term it doesn’t look as though they could ever be suited. When her ‘gift’ deserts her, she is urged to take things with Slade to the next level to see if she can get it back.

This is a really fun book with plenty of sizzling chemistry and zinging interactions. Slade is a very protective big brother who has had to pick up the pieces for his sister more than once before and now he hasn’t realised that his sister is stronger and can stand on her own two feet now. While I can’t fault Slade’s intentions there are times when he’s quite condescending towards both his sister and Kate and I kind of just wanted to smack him a bit. He really took a little while to see that Jane was stronger now and she was happy and even though the first connection she made didn’t exactly work out the way that she had hoped, it didn’t destroy her. She was ready to pick herself up and move on and although Slade’s sympathy was welcome, his sweeping in and attempting to wrap her up in cotton wool was no longer necessary.

This book also gives you a little insight into the Kinnections owner who will be the main character in the next book Kennedy and I’m so looking forward to her story. She’s brash and funny and the idea of her and a rocket scientist has a lot going for it.


Book #321 of 2013


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