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Let The Sky Fall – Shannon Messenger

on December 14, 2013

Let The Sky FallLet The Sky Fall (Sky Fall #1)
Shannon Messenger
Simon Pulse
2013, 416p
Free read from

Vane Weston was the sole survivor of a vicious tornado that killed his parents about a decade ago. He was adopted into another family and has been raised in a loving and stable home but Vane is troubled by the fact that he struggles to recall his biological family and his time before coming to his adoptive family. The only exception is that he dreams of a girl who ages with him – a girl who was there when the tornado struck. And then he sees the girl, in the flesh and begins to wonder what the heck is going on. Who is she? Why is she the only thing he remembers?

Audra is an air elemental or sylph. She has dedicated her life to protecting Vane, the last of his kind. He has no idea of who he really is, what he really is but Audra, in an attempt to stop something disastrous, has made a crucial mistake. And now Raiden, the all powerful self-proclaimed King of their kind, is coming for him. Raiden needs one of Vane’s kind in order to have total dominion and power over the winds and he is willing to torture and murder everyone in order to have it. Audra has sworn an oath to hide and protect Vane but now Raider’s minions, the Stormers, are coming. And so she must teach him to defend himself.

Audra has to force Vane to remember who he is and what power he can possess but they don’t have much time and there’s one thing she can’t do, which is force him to claim his heritage and the language of the Westerly winds, because she doesn’t know it. Vane needs it, they need it in order to defeat the Stormers but without knowing how to trigger it, they’re just going to have to pool their collective resources and hope for the best in what could be an impossible situation. Audra made a promise long ago that if it came to it, she would be willing to make the greatest sacrifice of all – herself – in order to keep Vane safe.

But that’s not a plan Vane is ever going to allow to happen.

Over at the Simon Pulse website they’re having a little December bonus – 31 days of reading. They’re offering one book per day to read for free, for 24 hours only. Let The Sky Fall was the 3rd December and I’ve seen a few reviews around and thought I’d give it a go. I don’t really like reading on my laptop but the format was surprisingly easy – no scrolling which is a lot better for the eyes.

This book has an amazing cover and I liked the fact that it was dual-narrated by both a male and female and that both of them felt very separate and different. It can be difficult to pull off a dual narration, especially when one of them is a teenage boy. But Vane always felt pretty authentic, like I’d expect a 17yo boy to sound although a bit filtered. Vane is a decent kind of boy, although a bit of a loner. He has a close friend named Isaac but has never had much luck with girls – things always go wrong before he can get to the kiss. He spends a lot of time wondering why he doesn’t remember his biological parents and feeling guilty that he may’ve blocked them out. He wants to reclaim his memories from before the tornado and he also wants to know what the deal is with the girl he’s always dreaming about.

Audra blames herself for the tornado that claimed not only the lives of Vane’s parents, but also the life of her own father. She has dedicated her life to protecting Vane and has always known that this may result in her having to make her own sacrifice one day, should the situation require it. Audra is a difficult character at times, she’s cold and pushy and often downright bitchy and in the beginning, I really disliked her. But the more the book revealed about her and her childhood and especially her mother, the more I came to understand her and her motivations. She’s a very strong character and she has some very definite ideas. At times she’s pretty harsh to Vane because she understands the consequences whereas he does not, not fully, at least not in the beginning. She forces him to accept who he is and what he can do swiftly and at times it comes across as if she’s uncaring but I think it’s because she does care that she pushes him so hard. She knows that he has little chance of surviving on his own unless he has all of the winds at his calling and is willing to use them to do what needs to be done.

The romance in this is quite understated, for various reasons that pertain to the greater storyline and I appreciated that. The focus is very much on the action and Vane’s quest to learn what he needs to in order to defend himself and see off the threat of the Stormers. There was just enough in it to possibly complicate things in the future (of course!). At times Audra is such a stiff character that it’s hard to see just why Vane has this crush on her and is so persistent in wanting to pursue her even after she basically tells him that it cannot happen. I’d like a chance to read the next book to see what Audra might be like in a slightly less tense situation so I think I’ll continue on with the series when the next book, Let The Storms Break is released. Or is the title Let The Storm Break? I’ve seen covers with both of those and I don’t know which is right. Either way I’ll be reading it!


Book #315 of 2013



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