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Guest Post: Escape Publishing’s Lee Christine

on November 30, 2013


As part of the celebrations for Escape Publishing’s 1st birthday, the digital first imprint of Harlequin Australia are offering lots of exciting opportunities and giveaways. I’m hosting several writers here on the blog to talk about their forthcoming titles and where they get their inspiration from. We’ve already had Georgie Tyler and now we welcome Lee Christine, author of the very successful In Safe Hands which I reviewed here on the blog when it was released. On January 1st, the companion novel, In Safe Arms will be released and I am so excited about this one! Lee Christine has perfected a blend of romance and suspense….here’s a little about In Safe Arms (from the publisher/Goodreads):


Smooth, seductive and savage: Lee Christine returns to the dark, criminal underbelly of Sydney with her follow-up to In Safe Hands.

Legal secretary Josephine Valenti has no idea why a notorious bikie president would be contacting her, but when he is murdered in front of her eyes, she knows that she is in very deep trouble. Fleeing to her home, she’s intercepted by Nate Hunter, a man she used to know and lust after…a man she used to care about.

However, Nate has changed. His leathers and his bike tell of a lifestyle that Josie can’t begin to accept or understand. His is a life of drugs, money laundering and prostitution.

Though, all is not what it seems, and Josie must fight harder than she ever has before — for the truth, for what’s right, and, ultimately for the man who still has a hold of her heart.



Where do writers find inspiration?

I’m often asked where I find inspiration for my novels. People are always interested to know where my ideas come from, and some have come right out and asked, ‘How did you think that up?’ While I’d love to say I dreamt the entire thing one night, hopped up and scribbled it all down, the truth is, my interest is usually captured by real life events, most of which come straight from the news.

The idea for my first book, ‘In Safe Hands’, came from watching the fallout suffered by certain celebrities after indiscreet postings of photographs on social media. While the celebrities, usually sports stars and models, received little more than a slap on the wrist, I began thinking of how it could spell the end of a person’s career should they be employed in one of the more conservative occupations. What if a high profile member of the judiciary, or a top surgeon, or heaven forbid a politician, was snapped naked in the shower a la Lara Bingle? And what if that photograph went viral on the internet?

I constructed a story of a high profile female lawyer, on a fast track to a partnership, who is blackmailed by naked photographs taken in her youth. Of course I upped the stakes. She’d already broken through the glass ceiling, but she needed the job and she needed the money. Publication of this kind would leave her career in tatters. This wasn’t going to end well.

The inspiration for my follow up novel ‘In Safe Arms’, due to be released on January 1, 2014 again came about from a news report. Tragically, one person had witnessed the death of another while chatting on Skype. It struck me at the time how horrifying it would be to ‘remotely’ witness something like that, and be helpless to do anything about it.

I began thinking how hundreds of millions of people use Skype every day, including myself. It struck me, that if someone witnessed the tragedy of another person having a stroke or heart attack while speaking on Skype, it wasn’t inconceivable someone could witness a murder the very same

In the opening scene of ‘In Safe Arms’ my heroine witnesses the murder of a notorious member of Sydney’s gang world on Skype. Because of the physical divide separating them, the heroine has time to flee. But she can identify the killer, and this event sets up the ‘cat and mouse’ game that drives the story forward.

I guess I have some strange preoccupation with technology, and how it can irrevocably change our lives in ways we could never have anticipated.

So, while others author may begin with a place, with observing the people who live in that place and their triumphs and tragedies, my inspiration evolves from a situation I’ve observed. And with that situation in mind, I create a character. Not just any character, but a person who stands to lose everything because of that situation. And because I write romantic suspense, naturally that’s the heroine.

My novels are very fast paced, with the story unfolding over a short period of time, usually no more than a week or two. And they centre on modern day crimes that could potentially affect any one of us.

I’m also very fortunate that my editor at Escape Publishing, Kate Cuthbert, likes romantic suspense featuring a variety of different crimes. She’s not so much into serial killers. As I don’t write serial killers, that situation suits me just fine.


Thank you to Lee Christine for stopping by and sharing a little about where she gets her inspiration from. I’m also happy to share the trailer for the upcoming In Safe Arms here as well.

Don’t forget you can still enter to win a giveaway of 5 Escape Publishing titles. Just see this post.

5 responses to “Guest Post: Escape Publishing’s Lee Christine

  1. Thanks for having me on the blog Bree!

  2. TeamEdward says:

    Great post! Looking forward to this book

  3. Cinna says:

    So excited for this story!

  4. I hope you enjoy it TeamEdward!

  5. Thanks Cinna! I enjoyed writing this story.

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