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Happy Birthday To Escape Publishing!

on November 15, 2013



Harlequin Australia’s digital-first imprint Escape Publishing are celebrating their first birthday and they’re choosing to give away the presents! Thanks to the lovely powers that be, I have the following bundle of eBooks to offer up to a lucky winner:

Bree_Giveaways2Here’s a little about the five titles (summaries from the publisher/Goodreads):

A World Apart, by Peter McAra: 

A sweeping Australian historical saga that crosses oceans to prove love conquers all… 

April, 1820. As children, they shared a schoolroom, but no education can remove the stain of being peasant-born. So when Eliza Downing begins to blossom into womanhood and the future Viscount de Havilland notices, his family steps in to intervene.

Once full of possibilities, Eliza’s life spirals into shame and degradation, culminating finally in a false conviction and transport to Botany Bay. Through shipwreck, exile, secrets, and scandals, Eliza holds fast to the belief that Harry will come for her — but he doesn’t come soon enough, and Eliza must learn to recognise her own value and become the heroine of her own story.

The Virginity Mission, by Cate Ellink: 

It’s lust at first sight when Mac sees Jason shirtless and sweating on the back of a truck.Jason is the army sergeant assigned to support the six‐week scientific expedition that Mac is participating in, and might just be the perfect candidate for another journey of discovery that Mac is desperate to undertake — sex.

Fraternisation between students and staff might be strictly prohibited, but everybody knows fruit always tastes better when it’s forbidden…

Bonjour Cherie, by Robin Thomas:

It’s Paris or bust in this New Adult comedy of errors about seeing beyond the surface…

Beth Jenkins is into all things French — especially her French teacher, André LeBlanc. She’s on the fast track to Paris and nothing will stop her, not even the very Australian Zach Mills, whose abs and attitude are a powerful combination. As she endeavours to catch André’s interest, she also stubbornly ignores the growing chemistry with Zach.

But as mishap after mishap delays her dreams, Beth begins to learn that neither Zach nor André are quite what they seem. Will it be too late to win the one man who shows her that Paris is not the only destination worth planning for?

Black Diamonds, by Eliza Redgold:

Truffles are one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs on the planet. Australian truffle farmer Jacaranda Riley tastes more than desire when Xavier Antoine, owner of a French truffle empire, moves in next door.

As they explore their mutual passion, Jacaranda discovers cravings she’s never known. But does the man who has taken her heart secretly plan to take her home and business too?

Hidden Fire, by Alexis Fleming:

Gili Adams is willing to do anything to protect her parents, even travel to Australia in search of the mythical opal, the Dreamtime Fire. But her resolve is tested when she has to enlist the help of anthropologist Morgan Hunt, the Guardian of the opal and the man who once accused her of using her feminine wiles to steal a priceless artefact.She’s faced with an impossible choice: lie to the man she never wanted to lose or risk her parents’ lives.
Nothing can be allowed to stand in her way… not even her own heart.

Entries are open worldwide and the winner will be drawn November 21st via

Simply fill in the form to enter!


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