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Top 10 Tuesday 5th November

on November 5, 2013

TTTTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish who are particularly fond of lists! It features a new literary theme each week. Today it’s….

Top 10 Series Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On!

  1. Allegiant by Veronica Roth. To be honest I haven’t actually even read Insurgent yet because I wanted to wait for the third book to be released. It has been but I was away so I’m ordering it this week. I’ve heard some interesting reactions to this one online (a lot of people seem to have either thrown it at the wall or wanted to throw it at the wall) but I am, so far, mercifully spoiler free! I’m kind of tossing up re-reading Divergent too because it’s been so long since I read it and it might be good to read all 3 together.
  2. The Fiery Heart, by Richelle Mead. I have to admit, it’s taken me a while to get into this series – I enjoy it but it didn’t have the same impact on me that Vampire Academy did. I haven’t always been on board with the Sydrian because it felt rushed and forced but in the previous book I finally started to get it so I am keen for this book so that I can see where it’s going. However…sometimes I think I read these books mostly for the glimpses of previous characters. Hmm.
  3. Chained By Night, by Larissa Ione. I really loved the first book in the MoonBound Clan series – I don’t always like vampire paranormal romances but this one felt different enough for me to really get invested plus I love the chemistry that Ione creates between her characters. The couple in this book were heavily foreshadowed in the first book and I think it’s going to be really interesting. Can’t wait to read it!
  4. Outback Blaze, by Rachael Johns. This is the second installment in the Aussie author’s first trilogy which kicked off with Outback Dreams. I am loving the Australian rural romance trend at the moment and there are so many good authors embracing this and giving us wonderful romances set in small Aussie country towns.
  5. A return to the Fever series, by Karen Marie Moning. I read and loved the Fever series this year (actually I become sort of obsessed but it’s ok – it happens all the time). I was excited when I read there were going to be more books but then I realised they were centered around Dani O’Malley, who to be quite frank, annoyed me immensely in the Fever series. I tried the book but the narration of the main character and the story line were really just not for me. However apparently Moning is writing a couple of books that return to Mac and Barrons and all I can say to that is MORE BARRONS!
  6. The Saint, by Tiffany Reisz. Okay I have to admit, I have mixed feelings on the Original Sinners Red Years books. I loved the first two but the second two were in order, boring and implausibly ridiculous. However I am still kind of curious about the early years and how the whole Søren and Nora thing started, in more detail than what we’ve been given so far. So I’ll probably snatch this book up when it comes out although my expectations are significantly lower now.
  7. Oblivion, by Kelly Creagh. I was warned about the second book but I went ahead and read it anyway – silly! It ends on a pretty crazy cliffhanger and it’s a long wait until the third (and I think, final) book which will be out in the American summer of 2014 (my winter). I was surprised how much I liked these books and I’m hoping for good things at the end for Isobel and Varen.
  8. The Red Queen, by Isobelle Carmody. No idea when this is coming out, the publisher doesn’t know, no one knows, but it IS being written and it will be epic and when it appears I will probably sell my first born (and my second too, if anyone wants them) for it.
  9. The next Lemmer book, by Deon Meyer. I don’t even know if there is a next Lemmer book because Deon Meyer has several other series’ that he’s working on but I’ve read 2 books about Lemmer (one that was his narrative for the entire novel, the other where he contributed one third of the narrative) and loved them both. Lemmer, a private bodyguard/security type in South Africa is awesomeAnd he’s bad to the bone – really bad, not just book-bad. I seriously hope that I see Lemmer on my bookshelves again!
  10. India Black and the Gentleman Thief, by Carol K Carr. One of my favourite series’ going around at the moment! I’ve really enjoyed all of the 3 so far but the most recent was in my opinion, the best and I can’t wait for the next one! I think it’s due out in February, which isn’t that far away.

I have to admit, I had to think long and hard for this one. I seem to be reading more and more stand alone books – although I do love a good series when I can get my hands on one! Anyone have any suggestions for some series’ that I should be reading? I feel as though I’m slipping there a bit!



4 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 5th November

  1. it really surprises me that The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin didn’t make your list

  2. I managed to stay spoiler free too, although kind of wish someone had told me not to waste my time and money on Allegiant. I loved Divergent and Insurgent was really great too, quite a few people really enjoyed Allegiant, so you may end up loving it. Great list. My TTT.

  3. THE FIERY HEART ❤ Awesome list

    Check out Our TTT

    Doris @ Owl Always Be Reading

  4. Jessica says:

    I haven’t read any of these series! AH! *frantically adds books to TBR list*

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