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Daylighters – Rachel Caine

on November 5, 2013

DaylightersDaylighters (Morganville Vampires #15)
Rachel Caine
Penguin Books Aus
2013, 350p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder for Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael. After some time spent away from Morganville battling a dangerous group they are rather happy to be returning to the town and its order. Things might be strange there, but it’s home. And they really want to be home.

However on the outskirts of Morganville they are suddenly intercepted and separated. It seems that Morganville is now under the control of an organisation called The Daylight Foundation who have wrested control from Amelie and are imposing a new world order. All of the vampires have been herded up and are being held in an abandoned mall. Claire, Eve and Shane are allowed to go free so long as they adhere to the new rules and basically forget all about their vampire friends. That isn’t going to work – Eve isn’t going to let them take her husband without a fight and Claire wants to know what has happened to all the vampires and if they’re okay. She can’t abandon Michael, Myrnin and even Amelie and Oliver.

Although on the outside it’s a brighter, more improved Morganville with people moving around safely, enjoying the freedom to go out at night unmolested, scratch the surface and it’s the same kind of control just done by a different group and they have some very sinister plans for the vampires in town. The leader has developed a “cure” but the success rate is very poor. When Claire discovers he plans to dish out the cure to everyone, she knows it will kill 75% of them. She can’t let that happen, especially to vampires like Myrnin and Michael. She doesn’t want to see anyone suffer and sometimes….well it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. She doesn’t know much about the man in charge, but she knows that she doesn’t like him or trust him.

And so another series draws to a close, at least for now. This is the final Morganville vampire novel and I think that Rachel Caine has chosen the right time to bow out. This highly successful series has been a great read full of memorable installments but seriously – how many times can Amelie, the badass vampire Queen of Morganville, get overthrown and require the help of human Claire in order to take her town back? The answer is getting to be well, too often for plausibility and I think this final book does a lot to give fans one last final hurrah with the gang and then the closure they need to end the series. I’m a big fan of closure and whilst this ending satisfied me whilst I read the book, I suspect that more could’ve been done with it. Closure is one thing, but everything was tied up so neatly in a bow that it felt a bit rushed and overdone.

However, back to the plot. All of the Morganville books (with the possible exception of the previous one) are fast paced and full of action and this one rolls right along. The action kicks off virtually on the first page when the gang is separated. Michael is taken away, being the only vampire among them and Claire, Shane and Eve are left to head back to the Glass House and decide how on earth they’re going to go about getting their vampires back. Eve has been an interesting character throughout these books. To be frank, she drives me crazy and it’s a testament to how well she’s written because there are other times that I like her….but then I’m back to being driven nuts by her because she’s just too ridiculously impulsive. Eve is the one that stands up and says “Oh there’s a huge chance I will die but I want to do this and because I want to do it I will do it and to hell with dying and the consequences, you can all go and screw yourselves.” And it’s up to mostly Claire and Michael and occasionally Shane to actually kind of calm her down and come up with a plan before they go rushing in to fight whatever evil happens to be abounds in that particular book. This one is just like that and if possible because it’s Michael that’s in danger and she’s separated from him she becomes well, borderline unhinged. Thankfully Claire still continues to look out for Eve, even though Eve tends to be pretty much the most frustrating friend in the world. It’s Claire and her brains and quick thinking that save the day as well as a little old-school teamwork with everyone’s favourite mad vampire scientist, Myrnin.

Myrnin. How I came to love him more with each book. I mentioned in previous reviews that I feared for him because I couldn’t see his happy ending. It appears that Rachel Caine heard me (and possibly his many other fans) and she hastily threw in a character for him so she could tick him off on her list of “Characters Whose Story Lines Are Now Complete”. I never really bought it and I still don’t, especially when Claire sees him look at her in this book but I also accept that Claire and Myrnin don’t work and would never work in that way so I understand that Caine had to look for alternatives. I just wish it had come across as a little more thought out and not so spur of the last moment. Claire and Shane have remained pretty rock solid throughout the series and I do appreciate that as reading couples breaking up and getting back together every other book can be so tiresome. I feel their ending will satisfy many people who adore them but might leave a sugary sweet taste in the mouth of some other fans.

All in all? Thanks for the memories, Morganville! I came to this series very late, in fact I think I read them all in the past year. They’re great to binge on, they’re fun and crazy and yes a little bit cheesy but Rachel Caine’s gift at writing stories that you cannot put down shines through here. She’s chosen to conclude gracefully and move on to other projects and I think that’s a great decision. I’ve loved all the books by her that I’ve read and I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.


Book #282 of 2013


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