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Succubus Heat – Richelle Mead

on October 27, 2013

Succubus HeatSuccubus Heat (Georgia Kincaid #4)
Richelle Mead
Kensington Books
2009, 343p
Read from my local library

The fallout from Seth’s betrayal has left Georgia feeling a little reckless. She’s begun dating the dark magician Dante, whom she really has no respect for, although she sort of begins to care about him in her own way. She doesn’t want to go for someone who might make her feel something again – she knows that she could never have truly strong feelings for Dante, not in the way that she did for Seth. Who is still loved up with his new girlfriend.

Georgia’s demon boss Jerome has a weird assignment for her, sending her north of the border to investigate something for another demon and also have Georgia spy on that demon for him in the process. Georgia isn’t too happy about zipping back and forth to Canada but she’s well aware that it wasn’t really a request. There’s something odd going on and all of a sudden, things get weirder.

Jerome gets himself summoned and when he disappears, so do the powers of his employees. Georgia is not a succubus. For the meantime, she’s human and that means things like getting dressed herself and straightening her own hair and putting on her own make up, something she hasn’t done in centuries. She also needs to watch the donut consumption because she can’t shapeshift away any extra pounds. Hugh is no longer an imp and Peter and Cody are no longer vampires. They make the most of their newfound humanity, enjoying long days in the sun, at the beach.

For Georgia, the perks are of a different nature. She’s human, which means that she will not take a man’s life essence when she sleeps with him or engages in a sexual act. It doesn’t take her long to confess this to Seth or for them both to see what the benefits are – for the first time, even though they’re not together, Seth and Georgia can be together in a physical way. And that’s what they do – never mind Dante and never mind Seth’s girlfriend.

However it’s not all well and good – with Jerome gone, Georgia faces a choice. Try to bring him back or sit back and accept that there might soon be a new demon in town. Either way, it won’t be long before she has her succubus powers back which means her days of being intimate with Seth are numbered.

The fourth Georgia Kincaid book takes a bit of a dark edge in the beginning. Georgia is still reeling from Seth’s betrayal, even though it’s a few months later and she’s knocking back the vodka gimlets and dating Dante, the dark magician with the seedy past. Considering her last interaction with Dante was to tell him that she loathed him as much as he loathed himself, it was a bit of a surprise to see her hooked up with him. Their relationship isn’t really a deep one – he’s someone Georgia can be with because he doesn’t have much goodness in him (if any) to take and he won’t make her fall in love with him and then break her heart, like what happened with Seth. Georgia is still in a huge amount of pain over that – her friends are worried about her but after he finds out she had sex with her therapist, Jerome banishes her to Canada to spy for him.

It’s actually been a little while since I flew through the last of this series but this one is memorable because it’s the one that sort of cashes in and gives the readers the scenes they’ve wanted between Georgia in Seth, albeit in a different way. The two of them are not dating, Seth is still dating someone else. But the temptation in front of them, with Georgia temporarily not a succubus, proves to be too much and it isn’t long before they realise all of the things they can get up to. They lie to other people, they sneak around and it’s always bound to end badly because of the way in which it happens and I think both of them know this but they didn’t think that far ahead. They wanted to live in the now and experience something that had been long denied to them.

This book also announces the return of someone from Georgia’s past (her very recent past) as he seeks to find out exactly what is going on with Seattle – strange things are afoot and this is just the beginning. I had mixed feelings about this return because I feared what it might mean for Georgia and Seth down the road (it’s hard to write this review now, having completed the series). Georgia takes a bit of a battering in this book – she is the only one that seems to care enough about Jerome to attempt to find out what happened to him and see if they can get him back but it gets her into an awful lot of trouble. I love the way that Mead portrays Georgia, she’s jaded from her years but she still manages to hold herself back from truly giving over the Hell and its evil. She doesn’t like sleeping with the best of men, she cares about her friends, she even in some way cares about Jerome, at least enough to attempt to see him freed and not stuck where he was summoned and trapped forever. I didn’t pick who summoned him either, which was fun.

Another awesome installment of this series.


Book #263 of 2013


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