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Everything You Need To Know – HelenKay Dimon

on October 26, 2013

Everything YouEverything You Need To Know
HelenKay Dimon
Cosmo Red-Hot Reads (Harlequin)
2013, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

After losing her job at a law firm, Jordan McAdam picked herself back up and started Need To Know – a website that offers exclusive membership to the women of the Washington D.C area about the local eligible bachelors. Need to know if your date skimps out and leaves you with the bill? Need to know if the lines your date is feeding about wanting to settle down are genuine or just to get you into bed? Are you concerned about the friendship your date still maintains with his “estranged” wife? All of these and more can be answered on the Need To Know website. Jordan has been burned before and now she works to maintain the site that helps other women weed out the bad ones.

Jordan’s day job as an office temp allows her to get close enough to some of the city’s rich and eligible to be able to confirm or deny questions and rumours. When her latest position puts her close to Forrest Redder, she realises that Need To Know has never had an inquiry or request for information concerning him – but there are rumours. He’s wealthy, he’s successful and he’s bound to crop up sooner or later. Seeing as he seems to have his eye on Jordan, she decides that it can’t hurt to do a little research…

Forrest is intrigued by Jordan when he first sees her temping at the office of a former business associate. So much so that he arranges for her next job to be at his company, albeit with someone else. Forrest wants to know more about her. The more he gets closer to her, the more he suspects she might be behind the website Need To Know, which he’s been hearing about lately but can’t seem to find out too much about. Will Jordan ever trust Forrest enough to let down her guard and confess her secrets? Or are her past experiences and her job going to lead to her tarring Forrest with the same untrustworthy brush?

Everything You Need To Know was a quick and relatively enjoyable read that kept me engaged in a way with the character’s fates but perhaps not overly invested. I loved the idea of the Need To Know website and the snippets included in the book from the site with members requests were really clever and funny. I actually wish that the book had included a lot more about the website – more of the requests for information, more of Jordan’s research to confirm or deny. It seemed something that was really promising, that could definitely add something different and interesting to the story but I’m not sure the author really embraced it to its full potential especially concerning Forrest himself. It was unusual that someone so well known, rich and attractive hadn’t come up on the site at all and I think if Jordan had been attempting to confirm or deny something on him when they met and the attraction began, it might’ve added a depth to this story and a conflict that I felt it lacked.

Both Jordan and Forrest felt a little too bland, like they both didn’t really have a personality of their own. Their interactions were easy, there was nothing really kept you wondering what would prevent them from getting together or at least would seem to prevent them from getting together. I did enjoy the fact that Forrest knew it was Jordan who ran the site but he sat on this information, waiting for her to come to him and admit it to him herself, even though she knew he knew as well. It felt as though Forrest was more invested at times than Jordan but it’s entirely likely she was holding herself back from becoming invested because she had been hurt before.

This was a pleasant read which didn’t tug too much at my emotions or require me to invest too much into it, which was pretty much exactly what I needed at the time. However I do think it suffered from its lack of length and the lack of depth to the characters and their interactions. If you’re looking for something with real chemistry and charged emotions, perhaps skip this one. It’s definitely more on the lighter side.


Book #274 of 2013


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