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Bound By Night – Larissa Ione

on October 7, 2013

Bound By NightBound By Night (Moonbound Clan #1)
Larissa Ione
Pocket Books
2013, 392p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

When Nicole Martin was only 8 years old, the vampire servants her family kept rose up and attacked. Nicole was left the only survivor of the rebellion and for her now, vampires mean terror. Although she had a vampire nanny as a child and loved her, she also witnessed that pregnant nanny being killed by her lover. And after vampires killed the rest of her family and bit her, Nicole has two great fears: being turned or being attacked again. She’s spent most of her life abroad but now she has taken the helm of her family’s business. She devotes her life to developing a vaccine to wipe out vampirism but others at the company have different aims.

Riker is a member of the MoonBound vampire clan. Twenty years ago he lost his pregnant mate and he blames the Martin family. Now Riker must infiltrate the Martin household and company in order to rescue a vampire from another clan that is being held there, probably for testing. Riker kidnaps Nicole, figuring he can force her into returning the vampire and also enact his burning desire for vengeance. But when he discovers that Nicole knows nothing about what’s going on at the company or that they even have the vampire he’s searching for, he’s suddenly forced to keep her with him. She vows to help him, using her knowledge of the company buildings because the two have been forced to rely on each other and slowly, they are both coming to see the holes and mistakes in their unwavering prejudices.

In twenty years Riker has never been tempted by a female. He has to feed from female vampires but he shuns the sexual activities that go with a feeding, overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. But he is tempted by Nicole – she is the first to rouse an interest in him even though the consequences for both of them will be huge. But although both of them are powerfully attracted to the other, they still have their issues with each other to deal with – Nicole has to accept that not all vampires are like the vicious ones who attacked her and slaughtered her family. She also must face what her father’s company has really been doing and understand the damage it has caused and why her name invokes such hatred among the vampires. And Riker must learn that although Nicole bears the name Martin, she is not responsible for the damage they have done…

Every now and then (ok, probably more often than that) I love a good paranormal romance to sink into, all the better if it’s a series and Larissa Ione has always been an author that I’ve meant to try. In this, her newest series, vampires have been known to humans for about 80-odd years and humans have enslaved them, keeping them as servants, often de-fanging them. Nicole’s father ran a company that focused on distributing vampire slaves and other such things like draining blood from deceased humans and bottling it for captive vampires. Twenty years after her parents were massacred by their servants and Nicole herself was nearly killed too, she has assumed the CEO position of the company but her interests mostly lie in vampire physiology and how to go about developing a vaccine that renders humans immune to vampirism so that no one can be turned anymore. There are very few born vampires given their terribly low birthrates and Nicole would like to see the species die out entirely. It is her worst nightmare when she crosses paths with Riker, the vampire she believes murdered her childhood nanny many years ago. Riker seeks something and when Nicole cannot give it to him, he kidnaps her for leverage in order to get back what he seeks.

Riker and Nicole are the very definitive of star-crossed. Both of them have such unwavering hatred and prejudices for the other and are under so many mistaken impressions. Nicole believes she heard and saw Riker murder his former mate, Nicole’s nanny in cold blood and Riker is sure that Nicole knows exactly everything that her father’s company (how hers) is up to. He has no idea that Nicole doesn’t care to be CEO and she has little to no idea of much of the research because it’s keep secret from her. The two of them are becoming obsessed with the other as they are forced to rely on each other at first for survival and later for comfort. Nicole feels out of her depth in the vampire compound but she comes to trust Riker to keep her safe and hopefully after they get back the missing vampire, she’ll be able to remain alive. The chemistry between the two of them is insane and I enjoyed a lot of Ione’s take on vampires and the way in which this world works. It sets up a series effortlessly and there are many characters to pick from who will take up the story in future volumes, seeking their own perfect mate. I’m already looking forward to book 2 which features the head of the MoonBound clan Hunter, a born vampire who sacrificed something in this book in order for peace between his clan and a rival. In the next he faces a choice and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

This one had it all: it was well plotted and interesting with lots of angst and a good serving of sexual chemistry. 


Book #257 of 2013



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