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Never Too Far – Abbi Glines

on October 3, 2013

Never Too FarNever Too Far (Too Far #2)
Abbi Glines
Simon & Schuster UK
2013, 257p
Copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster AU

When the secret was revealed that destroyed Blaire’s world and she discovered that Rush knew it and had been keeping it from her, she left. She fled Rosemary and him back for Sumit, where she’d grown up. She was determined that she would preserve the precious memory of her mother and she could never be around people who would taint it so horribly.

But it isn’t going to be that easy, leaving Rush behind. Almost as quick as she ends up back in Sumit, Blaire realises that she’s not meant to stay there. She has a secret of her own now and she’s prepared to keep it that way, at least for now. But Bethy and a couple of others want her back in Rosemary and given that Blaire knows she needs money even more badly now, she returns to the small beachside town, working back at the country club and sharing a condo with Bethy. She knows that she’ll be seeing Rush, but she’s going to have to deal with that – and so will he. Because Blaire isn’t going to be anyone’s second priority anymore.

All Rush wants is Blaire back but he knows that isn’t likely given what she’s finally found out. However when he finds her back in Rosemary, the signals from her are a little mixed. On one hand, he can tell that she wants him just as much as she did before – and just as much as he wants her. But on the other hand, she’s hanging around Woods far too often for his liking and he doesn’t like Woods being the one to take care of his girl. Blaire is holding out on him…and Rush wants to know why.

Never Too Far is the second book about Blaire and Rush who met when Blaire had to seek out her estranged father, who is now married to Rush’s mother. She was instantly attracted to him and although he tried to keep her at arms length, it didn’t really work and the two embarked on a pretty scorching affair only for Blaire to discover that Rush had been keeping something pretty huge from her all along. Once it all came out and she realised that at best she might only ever be #2 on Rush’s priority list, she fled, away from him and the new life she was managing to carve out and enjoy in Rosemary. She’d managed to get herself a job that paid really well and she’d even made a few tentative friends, all of which she had to leave behind.

Blaire’s secret is painfully obvious (and would’ve been, even if I didn’t have it spoiled for me when I was reading Twisted Perfection – it’s set up pretty obviously in the previous book, Fallen Too Far. I was actually surprised to see how much I enjoyed Fallen Too Far because Abbi Glines’s books have been hit and miss for me. What I appreciated was that the conflict was surprisingly well done and well developed and I can understand how it that was enough to spin out a second book (although really, the two books are quite thin and probably could’ve been edited into one decent sized volume). I was looking forward to what I thought would be the resolution of Blaire and Rush and seeing how Rush took the news of Blaire’s secret and the repercussions that would have for the rest of their very messed up family.

For the most part, the story works on a push-pull factor. Blaire softens towards Rush and the two of them make steps towards getting back together only to have something happen to unsettle the small amount of progress they have both make. Blaire still struggles with Rush’s devotion to his sister Nan and the fact that the rest of the family are so fractured and have such strong ideas about Blaire’s mother. Blaire worshiped her mother and she cannot abide anyone saying a single word against her. That situation does get resolved here but there’s a fair bit of Rush getting jealous over Woods, Blaire feeling like Rush is going to get bored with her and leave one day, or fearing that she’s not Rush’s number 1 priority. It gets a bit repetitive but thankfully, many things get resolved towards the end of the book and I thought that would be it but it seems that Blaire and Rush have a third book coming, which really just seems like spinning out their story unnecessarily. I’m not quite sure what conflict that one is going to involve but given Blaire’s side of the family seems resolved, it’s likely that Rush’s famous rockstar father will turn up finally.

I have enjoyed the story of Rush and Blaire so far and I do kind of wonder what awaits them in the future, given the development here, but perhaps not enough to read yet another book where they almost break up and get back together thirty times. It might be something for me, best addressed in a book about someone else from Rosemary.


Book #254 of 2013


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