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Fallen Too Far – Abbi Glines

on September 29, 2013

Fallen Too FarFallen Too Far (Too Far #1)
Abbi Glines
Simon & Schuster UK
2013, 244p
Read from my local library

Blaire Wynn’s mother passed away just a couple of weeks ago, changing her whole life. Now she has to go to the father she hasn’t seen since he walked out years ago, asking him for a place to stay until she can get a job and enough money together to get her own place. Only when she gets to where her father is living, she finds that he is no where to be found – instead he’s gone to Paris for the summer with his new wife.

The only person in residence at the house is Rush, Blaire’s brand new stepbrother, the son of her father’s new wife. He is the son of a famous musician and loaded and he is instantly hostile towards Blaire. Only the intervention of Rush’s brother Grant has him offering her a room for a while – a tiny room under the stairs behind the pantry that’s almost a broom cupboard. But Blaire takes it – with $20 to her name and no gas in her car, she can’t be picky. She does her best to ignore the raucous party going on in the huge house on the beach as she attempts to get some sleep in her new ‘home’.

The next day Blaire goes looking for work and gets a job as a server on the golf course attached to the local country club. It comes with men ogling her tight uniform and making suggestive comments but the tips are excellent and that’s what Blaire cares about. She needs to get away, get her own place. Her stepbrother is beginning to unnerve her with his good looks. She knows that it isn’t an option but she can’t help but be dangerously attracted to her womanising landlord.

But Rush has some pretty dark secrets that he’s hiding and because of them, he’s attempting to keep his distance from his innocent new stepsister, despite the fact that he finds her almost irresistable. He can’t get close to her – Blaire isn’t like his other women, she doesn’t play games. And there’s no future for them, not with what he knows. Not with what he knows is going to happen. He needs to stay away….pity it isn’t that easy.

I’ve read a lot of Abbi Glines books lately. I have been sent quite a few for review and they’re mostly all part of a series. I received the second Rush and Blaire book Never Too Far for review so when I saw this one on the YA display at my local library, I grabbed it. I didn’t want to read Never Too Far without having read this and now, having finished this one, I’d say that’s a good choice.

Blaire has devoted the last few years of her life caring for her sick mother and now she’s passed away, leaving Blaire pretty much alone in the world. She contacts her father, who walked out on the family some years ago (for reasons you don’t find out until right at the end of the book) and he reluctantly allows her to come and live with him. But he’s not actually there – only Rush is.

Rush is pretty much a dick, which is common among Abbi Glines heroes. However, this book differs in that Rush actually has a reason for being a dick and attempting to keep Blaire at bay and the reason is a damn good one. He can tell right away that she’s into him and he does his best to scare her off: he’s rude to her, he sleeps with other girls and he does this where she can walk in and see him. I spent most of this book rolling my eyes at Rush and also wanting to slap Blaire up the head a bit because he’s being an ass but she’s still not thinking anything other than the fact that the sun comes out of him. It picks up a bit when Rush starts to give in to the attraction he has for her but where this book excels is the last 40-50 odd pages. All the secrets are revealed and they are pretty much doozies. I didn’t pick it coming either and everything really fell into place: Rush’s initial hostility, which seemed over the top suddenly became understandable. His then desire to keep her at arms length, it was all because he knew it was going to get ugly. And ugly it was.

I feel as though if Abbi Glines could write like that, like she does in the latter part of this book, I’d worship her. But this is only the second book of hers that I’ve read where I’ve really felt like the male character was justified in the way he behaved towards the female character (the other one was Just For Now). The rest of the time the reasons are flimsy and ridiculous. Everyone is rich and rude and the antagonist characters are so poorly done that they’re almost laughable. But this book, she wrung real emotion out of her characters that didn’t feel fake or over the top and the interactions were perfect – Blaire’s reaction was perfect. I saw the foreshadowing that sets up the next book easily (it’s almost too blatant) but because of the way in which this played out, I’m looking forward to reading Never Too Far. It’s going to be different in that Blaire isn’t going to be a girl needing the bad boy to love her – he already does.


Book #251 of 2013


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