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Top 10 Tuesday 17th September

on September 17, 2013

toptentuesdayTop 10 Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke & the Bookish featuring a different topic each week. This week:

Top 10 Books On Your Fall Spring TBR List!

Well, it’s spring time here, even if the weather hasn’t quite got the memo here in Melbourne yet! Nevertheless I am looking forward to lots of warm sunny days where I can hopefully take my book and read outside. These are a few of the books I’m looking forward to reading over the next 3 or so months!

  1. The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead (Book #4 in the Bloodlines series). My obsession with Mead’s work continues, having read all 6 of the Vampire Academy books and the first 3 Bloodlines novels in the last month or so. I’m looking forward to the release of the next in the series although I have to say, this series needs to start giving me what I want soon.
  2. Insurgent and Allegiant, by Veronica Roth. And probably a re-read of Divergent because it’s been a long time since I’ve read it. I’ve owned Insurgent for a while but I’ve held off reading it until the third novel is released because I’m tired of waiting! I want to be able to read them together and find out what happens and more importantly, not forget anything that happens.
  3. Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy, by Helen Fielding. I am actually in two minds about this one. I adore the first 2 Bridget novels – I think they’re so fabulous! But actually what I’ve heard about the plot of this one makes me pretty nervous. I don’t want it to ruin the love I have for the first 2. I’m going to wait and see with this one – hopefully a few people that I trust will read it and I can get a good idea of what it’ll be like!
  4. Where The Stars Still Shine, by Trish Doller. I read her first novel, Something Like Normal and loved it. Pretty sure everything she writes is going to automatically go on my TBR list!
  5. The Cuckoo’s Calling, by Robert Galbraith/JK Rowling. I actually have to read this one in the next couple of days or return it to my local library and rejoin the list of 30 zillion people who are in queue for it. We shall see.
  6. This Song Will Save Your Life, by Leila Sales. I am hearing so many good things about this book! People are praising it everywhere and I’ve already added it to my next book order that I’ll be doing.
  7. Blood & Beauty, by Sarah Dunant. I saw the author at the recent Melbourne Writers Festival and knew I had to buy this book (her latest) about the Borgia family. I just got it recently and I’m looking forward to being able to dive into it!
  8. The Man Booker Short List, by various. Okay this is sort of ambitious because 2 of them are like, ginormous (800p). But I am planning on actually reading the short list for the first time ever and doing a series of posts on the blog about them.
  9. Darkening Skies, by Bronwyn Parry. The latest release by an Australian rural romantic-suspense author. I greatly enjoyed her last book and I’ve been acquiring her backlist too.
  10. Questions Of Travel, by Michelle De Kretser. The most recent Miles Franklin Award winner (one of Australia’s most prestigious literary prizes). I aim each year to read the winner and this one sounds interesting and has some pretty good reviews. Just a matter of finding the time to fit it in.

As always, I went back and had a look at the last time I did a TBR list, this one was my winter TBR pile here. I read 6/10 books but one of them isn’t published yet so really 6/9 I suppose. That’s not too bad… I have a bad habit of making piles of books to read and then totally ignoring them for other books!

16 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 17th September

  1. Your thoughts about the third Bridget Jones novel are my thoughts as well! I’m happy that there’s another novel coming out soon as I loved the first two but yeah, the plot…we’ll see how quickly I get around to it xD

    For the first time, I actually got around to reading a novel from the Man Booker longlist. I very much doubt I’ll have time to get around to reading a title or two from the shortlist before the winner is announced though…alas, maybe next year I’ll try xP

    My TTT

  2. oh yes I’m super curious about the cuckoo’s calling too
    My Top Ten

  3. Rory says:

    I’ll be holding off on the new Bridget Jones until a few trusted readers have read it first. I too was satisfied with the first two and am curious how I will like the third one.

  4. The Man Booker Short List, by various sounds like a very long book 😛 good luck with it, I hope to have them all done sometime this year as well

  5. I think I’m going to have to re-read the divergent books too before I read Allegiant, it was just so long ago!

  6. Belle says:

    I am really nervous about the new Bridget Jones book. I loved the first two but I agree, if this is terrible (which I have a feeling it might be) it will probably kill my love for the whole series.
    I keep on making lists of books to read and then reading totally random ones too!

  7. Vilia says:

    My mum read “The Cuckoo’s Calling” before Rowling was revealed as the author. She really enjoyed the tone of it and oddly enough was quite disappointed to find out it wasn’t written by a male ex-military man. Here’s my TTT
    Vilia @ Backchatting Books

  8. I can’t wait for the next Bridget Jones – I’ll read it regardless of the reviews!

  9. ohsacrebleu says:

    ‘I have a bad habit of making piles of books to read and then totally ignoring them for other books!’…. Story of my life! haha I have a whole shelf at home where the ‘haven’t read them yet’ books belong, glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂

  10. curlygeek04 says:

    I’m with you on skipping the Bridget Jones book, I wasn’t a huge fan of the 2nd one. I just started Divergent but I know I don’t have time for another series… still, it’s really good so far! I also want to read Cuckoo’s Calling and The Lowland from the Man Booker List. Reading the entire shortlist sounds ambitious. Enjoy your reading!

  11. Loni says:

    I often make a pile of books to read and then ignore them for other books… oh well!

    The Cuckcoo’s Calling is a pretty quick read. I really enjoyed it. I hope you get to it before you have to return it to the library.

  12. YES to the last Divergent book!

  13. Quinn says:

    I’m really nervous about Mad About the Boy, too! I hope I love it!

    Happy Autumn Reading 🙂

  14. YES to Fiery Heart, Allegiant and This Song Will Save Your Life! Thanks for stopping by my TTT 🙂

  15. Great list! Veronica’ Roth’s books are some I really want to read. I just got Divergent the other week. Richelle Mead’s bloodline series is fantastic so far!
    Here were my Top Ten from this past week.

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