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Twisted Perfection – Abbi Glines

on September 13, 2013

Twisted PerfectionTwisted Perfection (Perfection #1)
Abbi Glines
Atria Books
2013, 247p
Copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster AU

Della Sloane is 19 and experiencing freedom for what is really the first time in her life. She’s embarking on an epic road trip but it hits a snag when she realises that she doesn’t even know how to fill up the gas tank of her borrowed car. Woods Kerrington shows up and helps her out and from there the immediate attraction between them leads to dinner and one night in a hotel before Della leaves town on the rest of her adventure.

However things don’t exactly go to plan and soon she finds herself back in that small Florida town, fronting up to ask Mr Kerrington for a job, not realising it’s the same man that she slept with some months ago. The sizzling attraction is still there between them but Woods is off limits. His influential father has neatly arranged his forthcoming marriage to the daughter of another influential man and Woods, although he doesn’t want to go ahead with it, is acquiescing in order to achieve the promotion his father has dangling over his head.

Della has made a bad mistake with a man before and she’s not going down that path again. Even though she’s drawn to Woods, when she learns that he’s basically engaged, she wants him to stay the heck away from her. But Woods can’t stay away – even when it means sacrificing everything that has been important to him his whole life.

This is the first of the books revolving around Della and Woods but it’s not the first of Abbi Glines’s novels set in this location. I haven’t read the previous books, Fallen Too Far and Never Too Far because I didn’t know that they were connected. Like other books of the authors, characters from previous books form the core friendship group. Woods does appear in the two previous books and skimming some reviews, it seems like he’s a character that attracted reader’s attention, which is presumably why he’s been given his own little spin off.

Della has led a very hard life and she’s suffered a recent tragedy that while horrible, has also set her free in a way that nothing else could have. She’s begun to learn how to live like a regular person and part of that is taking a road trip in her best friend’s car and seeing the sights. She wants to be able to explore as much as she can, given how shut in most of her life has been. Her first snag is when she doesn’t know how to fill the gas tank (which…really? Who taught her how to drive without even showing her how to put fuel in? She couldn’t even open the door to the gas tank and my 5yo knows how to do that). Woods comes to her rescue and the two of them have a scorching one night stand and then Della goes on her way, continuing her adventure and Woods goes back to his life.

When Della finds herself back in Rosemary Beach, even though Woods is about to become engaged, the two of them can’t stay away from each other. I didn’t have a huge problem with this part of the story except for the way in which the bride-to-be was portrayed. She was basically a cardboard cut-out villain who blackmailed Woods and seduced him in order to get the ring on her finger but then made it clear there’d be “no more of that” after the wedding. Once again…really? If this is some sort of crazy society wedding cooked up by two rich men, then obviously you’re going to need the heir and spare. Someone to carry on the name etc. And I found it so boring that she was so obviously a stereotype. I think I’d have liked it more if she was as reluctant as Woods but also determined to please her parents and make them happy. It would’ve been more realistic (in a story where not much was realistic) and Woods less of a jackass. She’s a horrible person but to be honest, Woods isn’t much better. I didn’t really get that he was tortured about his decision: he wanted the promotion and therefore, he was prepared to stump up and marry the chosen socialite. Until Della returned to town and he couldn’t get enough of her. Likewise, Woods’s father is another really cliched villain. The only thing remotely interesting about him and about the way in which he will impact on Della and Woods being together was the last line of the book. That actually made me want to read the second one, just to see how they do deal with it. I wonder if it will be different to this book, a different formula. I’m curious about that.

I’ve read a good number of Abbi Glines books now (I think this is my 5th) and I have to say, that I just don’t get it. I know she’s immensely, immensely popular and people adore her books. She was in Australia not too long ago and apparently it was crazy and I know people on my Twitter feed and in the blogosphere love and worship her books. I always feel like when I don’t feel the same way, something is wrong with me. What are all these people seeing that I am not? Because I really just did not…love this book. I’ve liked one of her other books. But mostly they are all just “okay” for me, at best. Because they’re all so very much the same. The guys are all rich players who screw their way through everything until they meet The One who is probably damaged in some way with some kind of horrible family. The sex is hot, I’ll give it that. There’s always quite a lot to like about the sex scenes.

Except one.

Please, please can you stop having every grown up male hero referring to breasts as “titties” in every single book. It is honestly, one of the worst words – it brings to mind 13yo boys sniggering. Does anyone actually say titties? Really, I’m asking. Because I’ve known some raucous guys who loved to discuss women’s bodies at length and I don’t think I ever heard any of them say how much they loved titties and how they wanted to get them some titties. They can be called other things.

I think Abbi Glines can write a story – but the story she writes just isn’t one I want to read over and over again. And unfortunately, that’s what it feels like I’m doing when I read her books.


Book #238 of 2013


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