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2 Busy 4 Love – Lucy Hepburn

on August 17, 2013

2 Busy 4 Love2 Busy 4 Love
Lucy Hepburn
Diversion Books
2013, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Christy is always glued to her iPhone. As a business owner of Doorman dot com, her life is performing tasks for other people – picking up their dry cleaning, booking their tickets, taking their pets to the groomers. Her phone is her lifeline – with it she’s plugged in to everything she could possibly need. It’s an address book, a diary, a map, everything. She wants for nothing when it’s in her hand.

Which is why her life turns into disaster when she leaves it on a train when she’s on her way to Newark to pick up her sister’s fiancé who is flying in from Italy for their engagement party. Christy considers her sister irresponsible and flighty and she’s taken over a lot of the preparations simply because she needs to.

Will, the handsome man who was sitting opposite Christy on the train picks up her phone and Christy connects with him when she borrows a stranger’s phone at the airport. With Will, she can still complete her day’s To Do List. She just has to keep in touch with him and he can feed her the phone numbers, tasks and directions that she needs in order to provide the same fabulous service she prides herself on. Only everything seems to be falling apart and she needs to stay permanently connected to Will. Surprisingly this doesn’t prove to be too difficult.

Will is having the day from hell and the only thing that seems to brighten it up are phone calls from Christy and helping her do what she needs to get done. He deftly guides her through the city, employing his own particular knowledge to help. He mightn’t really know how to work her iPhone map application but he does know the city and he can get her from one place to the other just as efficiently. After dealing with his father, from whom Will is mostly estranged over a difficult and painful thing that needs doing, helping Christy soothes Will and he finds himself rather drawn to the voice on the end of the phone. He can’t wait until this day is over and he can meet her face to face, give her back her phone…and maybe something more.

The other day I was in the mood for something really fun and when I saw this I thought it’d fit the bill perfectly. Christy is a hardcore perfectionist, an organiser and a do-er. She mostly believes that no one can accomplish something as efficiently as she does and she does tend to take over, as she has done with her sister’s engagement party and wedding preparations. She’s even picking up her sister’s fiancé from the airport, despite never having met him, simply because she believes she’ll do a better job. On the train there, Christy takes call after call on her phone, annoying people around her, including the rather good-looking man sitting opposite her, Will. Christy is a bit flustered and winds up leaving her phone on the train where it is picked up by Will who has no idea how on Earth to operate it and is on his way to do something that he regards as being unpleasant and difficult. Will is very like his business-oriented grandfather and the two spent a lot of time together when Will was growing up after his mother died. Will’s father is a poet, totally different to Will and his grandfather and Will has trouble relating to him and the two have drifted apart in the years since Will left home, went to college and started working. Any encounter with his father always sets him on edge and puts him in a bad mood and this time is no exception but he has Christy who needs him and Will thrives on being able to help her.

The more time they spend talking, the more they learn about each other and the attraction deepens. Will looks forward to every time he can answer the phone and hear her low-pitched, sexy voice. They flirt (when they have time) but most importantly, they seem to connect. Both of them harbour ideas about what might come of their meeting up for Will to give Christy back her phone but so many things complicate the day that it seems like it might never happen. And then there’s the matter of Toni, the European supermodel that Christy is dragging around the city, helping her on her jobs. Antonio came to America for an appointment with a modelling agency but Christy finds herself responsible for him. He doesn’t speak much English but he’s willing to help and Will feels like he might be a potential rival for Christy’s affections and feels a little jealous that he’s there with her physically while Will is still at the end of a phone.

I really enjoyed this book – kept me entertained the whole way through and I was on tenterhooks for Will and Christy to finally meet up in person and see what happened. It reminded me a bit of Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number in a few ways, which was one of my favourite books last year. Will and Christy definitely had chemistry and I think that’s a difficult thing to sustain when your characters only see each other briefly and then don’t come face to face for a large portion of the book. Both of them have their family issues too and it seems that their time spent with each other help them in dealing with that as well. 2 Busy 4 Love was everything I hoped it’d be and I look forward to reading more from Lucy Hepburn.


Book #204 of 2013


2 responses to “2 Busy 4 Love – Lucy Hepburn

  1. Wow, you’re right – This one sounds eerily similar to Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number! Given that I absolutely loved it, chances are that I would enjoy 2 Busy 4 Love as well 🙂 I particularly like that Will is unfamiliar with the technology behind Christy’s phone, which adds a fun little twist to the usual story. It’s fairly rare to find someone who doesn’t know how to work an iPhone, particularly in a day and age when even children know to use them to access their favourite games and apps!

    I’ve always enjoyed books in which the two love interests are kept apart and are forced to communicate via other means, whether it be email, cell phone, letter, etc, so I’ll definitely be checking this book out as soon as possible 😀 A wonderful review, as always, Bree!

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