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To Seduce A Scoundrel – Darcy Burke

on August 6, 2013

To Seduce A ScoundrelTo Seduce A Scoundrel (Secrets & Scoundrels #3)
Darcy Burke
Intrepid Reads
2012, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

It has always been drummed into Lady Philippa Latham’s head to avoid a scandal at all costs. Her mother has always lectured her on the correct behaviour of a young and unwed woman. Facing yet another season after refusing several proposals during her last one, Philippa has also been told that she must marry this season.

When she spots her mother with a man not her father, Philippa follows her in an attempt to bring her mother home. However she stumbles on a party in a private home that no respectable unmarried lady should be anywhere near. All of the guests are wearing masks, something Philippa neglects to do because she doesn’t know exactly what she’s discovered. Only the quick thinking of a nearby stranger saves her reputation and although it takes some time, her rescuer, Lord Sevrin, gets her out of the establishment and sees her safely back home without her identity being discovered.


The one person that does discover Philippa’s identity resides on the fringes of society and he uses it as leverage to get Lord Sevrin to do something for him, threatening to reveal Philippa’s identity if Sevrin doesn’t comply. A notorious figure famous for ruining his brother’s fianceé and then refusing to marry her, believed of possibly even then murdering his own brother to inherit the title, Lord Sevrin is considered dangerous. However, based on what she knows of him, Philippa doesn’t think so. Despite the obvious attraction and chemistry between them, Sevrin states that he cannot (or will not) marry her.

Sevrin has denied himself many things since the events that led to his brother’s death. Philippa makes him forget his vows, makes him want to experience pleasure and joy again. But he can’t afford to give in to the feelings and forget the promises he made to himself. However his resolve is weakening, especially when Philippa follows him to his family estate, determined to ruin herself.

I’ve been reading a few historical romances lately and this one caught my eye when I saw it on NetGalley. I’m so glad I requested it because it turned out to be such a great read and it’s a (loosely linked) series so there are more to read!

It was hard not to love Philippa from the get go – she sneaks after her mother and her mother’s lover to bring her mother home to avoid a scandal that her mother talks so much about. Instead she follows her mother into a sex party with all manner of things going on between members of the upper classes who like a bit of spice in their life. Guests are robed and/or hooded or masked, something Philippa doesn’t know about so of course she just walks in blindly and is immediately swept into a dark corner by a man she knows merely by reputation – Lord Sevrin. He prevents anyone else from being able to identify her, which makes Philippa question everything she’s ever been told about him.

The dynamic between Sevrin and Philippa is so much fun – he’s got a dangerous reputation and spends his time fighting in underground clubs, including the one he runs. He uses physical aggression to rid himself of…other urges. Despite the fact that Sevrin believes the worst of himself and his behaviour, it’s quite obvious that he cares for Philippa, or at least in the beginning, her reputation. He takes great pains and makes sacrifices so that she doesn’t get discovered as the mystery woman people saw him with at the notorious party that night. They even spend some time together in respectable society, which sets tongues wagging as Sevrin is rarely seen at parties and balls these days. Philippa must marry and although she wouldn’t mind marrying Sevrin after the two kissed, he tells her that won’t happen so she asks him to vet her list of eligible men to rule out any that might have unsavoury habits a young innocent lady might not be aware of. She doesn’t want to end up in a marriage like her parents, where one loved the other deeply but the other was already devoted to someone else. Although she knows that members of her class mostly marry for convenience and a mutual joining of land, fortune or titles, Philippa wants love and passion in her life. She knows she can find the passion with Sevrin, their interactions have proved that. But he proves to be annoyingly stubborn and Philippa knows she has to get to the bottom of why he doesn’t seem to believe himself worthy of any form of happiness and especially, any form of love.

I loved Philippa and I loved Sevrin and his demons and his struggle to consider himself worthy of acceptance by his people and take his rightful place. The two characters had fantastic chemistry and Philippa was certainly brave in her attempt to get Sevrin to accept her, knowing that he wanted her and something was preventing him from actually taking what he wanted. I can’t wait to get the rest of these novels (and at the moment they’re all pretty cheap on the Kindle so I have to move) and read the rest of the stories. I know that several of Lady Philippa’s friends feature in the upcoming ones, as well a few shady figures that I think are going to make for some really interesting stories.


Book #196 of 2013



2 responses to “To Seduce A Scoundrel – Darcy Burke

  1. Oh, this sounds really promising! I can no longer count the number of historical romance novels I’ve read over the years and they do begin to blend together after awhile, but this one sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Sevrin sounds like a man after my own heart. I’ll definitely be adding this book to my TBR list immediately! A quick question, though: Is it necessary to read the novels in this series chronologically or can you read them out of order?

    • This was the first one I read but I noticed that a lot of characters are introduced in it who then move on to become the primary couple in the next few books. In order to get their characters, it probably would be best to read them in order but it probably isn’t strictly necessary as this one contained characters from a previous novel and I was able to read it okay without feeling like I’d missed much. I do want to read the rest of them though, last time I checked they were all pretty cheap on Kindle so I need to go and snap them up!

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