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Fever Moon – Karen Marie Moning

on August 4, 2013

Fever MoonFever Moon (A Fever Graphic Novel)
Karen Marie Moning (Adapted by David Lawrence, Illustrated by Al Rio & Cliff Richards)
Ballantine Books
2012, 184p
Read from my local library

There will be some ***SPOILERS*** for the Fever series here.

I have to admit, I’ve never read a graphic novel before – I’ve never been interested in reading them either, really. However for the Literary Exploration challenge that I’m doing this year, one of the categories is graphic novel, so I knew I was going to have to hunt one down eventually. When I was going through my obsession with the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, I noticed when I was searching my library catalogue for Fever books to request, that they also had this, Fever Moon, a graphic novel set within the Fever world. It takes place during the last book Shadowfever, taking a tiny part of that story (Mac’s encounter with the Fear Dorcha at the club Chester’s) and builds upon it, giving the Fear Dorcha his own story.

I have to admit, the story isn’t the strongest part of this book but I suspect they seldom are. After all, you have very few words to work with and in the case of the Fever series, it’s a world that takes a lot of words. It starts off well but the end is noticeably weak and there are clear departures from series canon.

The Good:

  • The illustrations. They are pretty fabulous and quite similar to how I pictured the characters in my head. Okay, I didn’t picture Mac with the ginormous breasts but even I’m aware that if you’re a woman in a graphic novel, you’re Pamela Anderson. Barrons was pretty much how I pictured him (in human form, less so in the other). Probably the only one that really was a departure was Dani because she’s fourteen in the books and looks like yet another pornstar here.
  • Mac takes control in this one – she’s not helpless and she’s not useless. Her actions might not quite marry up with Mac from the actual books, but I approved of the fact that her loyalty and her devotion shone through and that she wasn’t afraid.
  • Um, there’s Barrons.

The Bad:

  • The aforementioned weakness of the ending. It makes little sense and comes about really randomly, like no one even cared how to end it.
  • It wasted too much time rehashing stuff that had already happened in previous books, like Alina’s death, Mac arriving in Dublin, being turned Pri-ya, etc. They make for pretty pictures but that time could’ve been better spent actually having a better story and the space to resolve it satisfactorily.
  • Barrons’s big B belt buckle…what was that?

The Ugly:

  • Barrons in beast form taking a cell phone call and telling Mac, no he didn’t eat anyone. It’s pretty established that when he’s in that form, he cannot speak, let alone operate a phone. Also, where was his phone? When he changes, he leaves all his clothes, etc behind. In fact, Mac picks up his car keys and takes his car, because he left those behind when he switched. Not quite sure how he managed to keep a cell phone on him, even if he was able to operate it. Which he is not.

Did I enjoy reading this? Yes, I did. It was a bit of fun and I really loved the visual aspect of it. However, it didn’t satisfy the part of me that loves a good story. That’s why I read. I like to get lost in worlds and characters and relationships and this is too brief an experience for that. However I can certainly see them as a way to add to the experience of enjoying a novel, to put a visual to the text. Some people prefer to have their own ideas of what the characters in novels look like, some don’t even care. I liked having this aspect of the Fever world, I could feel the chemistry between Mac and Barrons even in their brief interactions here.

7/10 – 5/5 for the graphics, 2/5 for the story

Book #181 of 2013

LitExp Challenge

Fever Moon is book #11 of the Literary Challenge 2013 fulfilling the category of graphic novel.

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