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Shadowfever – Karen Marie Moning

on August 3, 2013

ShadowfeverShadowfever (Fever #5)
Karen Marie Moning
Delacorte Press
2011, 594p
Read from my local library

MacKayla Lane has been to hell and back many times since the death of her sister Alina, murdered in Ireland. She’s been kidnapped and tortured, turned Pri-ya by the Lord Master and the Unseelie Princes. She’s seen death, destruction and feared for her life and the lives of those she cares about many times. But she’s never truly felt that she’s lost everything.

Until now.

Now she has mistakenly betrayed someone utterly and she’s truly alone. Mac becomes a survivor, willing to do whatever it takes, align herself with whoever she has to in order to complete her mission. She has her own reasons for wanting to find the Sinsar Dubh now, new reasons. She wants to unmake this world using the spell of unmaking…and make another. One that gives her back all that she believes she has lost.

Time is running out for all the players who want the Sinsar Dubh. It will be an epic battle of human against Fae but Mac is haunted and distracted by the blonde woman who appears to her in dreams and the memories that are beginning to surface. She is also stunned to find that she knows her way around an ancient castle and that she can do something that only two beings are supposed to be able to. Mac is questioning her entire existence and wondering if she is responsible for everything that happened so far. Did she unleash this upon the world? And how will she stop it?

Two words – Jericho. Barrons.

That is all. To be honest, I should just stop my review there. I could say just that and it would be enough for how I feel about this book and really, about this series. Now everything has been revealed, the reader and Mac know all there is to know. I can only say my guesses were horribly inaccurate! But I don’t think I’m alone there. At one time even Mac guessed the same as me but she was able to disprove her theory. What I love about Barrons is that he never really changes that much throughout the entire series. Parts of him alter a bit, as he and Mac become what they are, but ultimately he’s never going to be the type of character that is redeemed by merely the love of a good woman – something that he himself states. He’s not good, he’s self-serving, he’s controlling, he’s the baddest in town. But he’s got an odd little moral streak, something that he adheres to most strictly. Oh and he’s definitely the jealous type. And it’s about the hottest thing I think I’ve ever read.

This book is quite a lot longer than the rest in the series and a lot happens in it but I actually applaud them on making it one volume and not splitting it in two and padding each out with a bit more filler. I can only imagine the tortuous wait that fans of this series endured if they read it while it was being written and published and it was nice to get a volume that finished off so many things so nicely. The downside is that I think I raced through this book too fast – after the dramatic cliffhanger of book #4, I just had to know everything in this one, I had to see how one thing in particular was going to be resolved. So it’s possible that I skimmed bits in my haste to get answers. I think this is definitely a book (and probably a series) that will benefit from a re-read. Going back in knowing everything will allow me to see how far back ideas first started to appear, if there were any clues to certain things, etc. It’s something I definitely plan to do one day. I want to buy them all because in the days since I’ve finished the books, I’ve gone back and read bits and pieces from 4&5, my favourite parts.

It’s very hard to let go of a series (and actually, I don’t think I have to as I believe that there will be more books coming with Mac in the future) and I judge how I feel about that by how satisfied I am. Do I feel as though everything that needed to be resolved, was? Do I feel like the ride to get there was amazing? I think with this book, although it definitely had a few flat spots, ultimately overall, it was pretty fantastic. The way in which everything came together and the reader got to know all of the secrets and the way in which the ending played out, was infinitely satisfying. The one thing I’ve wanted since book 1, I got. And I have to say, I have a habit of picking the wrong ‘team’, for want of a better term. Nice to know that in this one, there were no real other options and that my choice was the only choice!

Did I mention Jericho Barrons? I did? Okay but it bears repeating.

I feel like I’ve come down off a big book high and now I don’t know what to do with myself. Karen Marie Moning has other books I can read – there’s a novel that has Dani as the main character and I’m curious about that, even though I’m not sure how I could take her as narrator as her way of speaking bothers me. But I want closure for her and Mac, after the way things were left (one of the few things that wasn’t cleared up, obviously due to being more novels in the future). There’s also the Highlander series, several characters of which we saw albeit briefly, in this book. I need something to fill the void until the next book featuring Mac and Jericho arrives.

The only cure for a book hangover is to go and find one just as good!


Book #176 of 2013


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  1. Grace says:

    This looks like a great series! 🙂

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