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Terminated – Rachel Caine

on August 2, 2013

TerminatedTerminated (Revivalist #3)
Rachel Caine
Penguin Books Aus
2013, 328p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Killed and brought back by the drug Returné Bryn has now had the drug “upgrade” and although she no longer needs the regular shots of Returné to stay ‘alive’, her new status does come with its drawbacks, including the insatiable desire for large amounts of protein and often. Bryn, Riley, Patrick, Leon, Joe and Annalie have gone underground with Manny and Pansy to evade those that desperately want to capture them – Patrick’s insane ex-wife Jane and all those she has working for her.

Although Pansy is anxious to help them, Manny’s paranoia rears its ugly head when Bryn confesses to the group the little upgrade she’s received and it’s clear that they have to leave the safety of his compound and go on the run to find out more information and attempt to stop Jane. They get wind of some information – a possible antidote to Returné, both versions: the one that requires the daily shots and the one that Bryn and Riley enjoy. They need to track down the person that can give them the information and find out how to get that antidote. Manny can replicate it and Jane and her cohorts can be shut down for good. But Patrick and Bryn are horrified to discover that Jane’s backing comes with seemingly limitless funds and ammunition. It seems that the research goes all the way to the top and Returné Pt 2 is being cultivated for mass release in warfare. Patrick and Bryn know that under no circumstances can they let that happen – they need to get the antidote and they need to stop people being turned.

Bryn is already feeling how the upgrade has changed her. She’s becoming more ruthless, less human every day and her insatiable craving for meat to feed the nanites disturbs her beyond belief but she can’t stop herself. She’s beginning to become very frightened of what she is becoming – has become. She has seen Jane at her worst and knows what might await her. The antidote will render anyone who has been given Returné no longer and Bryn is well are that they might need to use it on her…

Oh how I love this series! I remember that I was devastated when I learned that this one, the third, would be the final installment. I’ve read Caine’s other books and all her series’ seem to go much longer so I thought I had a lot of books ahead of me! When I nabbed this one off NetGalley, I was too frightened to read it. I wanted justice for Bryn and what happened to her, I wanted the best of possible outcomes for her and Patrick, I wanted this series to go out with a bang.

Should’ve known it’d tick all the boxes.

Terminated takes all the action of the previous two books, Working Stiff and Two Weeks’ Notice and ramps it right up. Patrick, Bryn and Co have to leave everything they know behind and go on the run, trying to dodge Jane and those she has doing her dirty work and at the same time trying to find the information they need to bring the whole Returné military plans down – for good. They cannot risk this version of the drug being released to more people than it has been so far – even the ones that do have it now are a huge risk, Bryn included.

There’s no way around it – Bryn’s behaviour in this book is pretty disturbing. It gets the closest to zombie that it has so far. She’s been dead for all of the books but the ‘upgrade’ certainly comes with some very significant side effects. Her inner struggle with what she is becoming is beautifully done. I was slightly grossed out by her at the same time that I was so utterly sympathetic towards her. She’s fast, she’s strong, she’s virtually unkillable and she needs every single skill she possesses to avoid being captured by Jane. She’s been there before and she’s absolutely not going back. She and Patrick also have some issues to sort out – Patrick never even told her he was married and to find out the way that she did really rocked her. She had come to utterly rely on Patrick for many reasons. He was the one who brought her back and then the one who fought for her being able to stay on the drug, instead of just being disposed of. In the last book they progressed to being lovers and then to have Jane drop her bombshells. So Bryn is really not quite sure what to say to Patrick and he knows that he’s on the backfoot. But the chemistry between the two of them is so strong, it just leaps off the page.

Ever since I found out that this book would be the last, I tried to think of ways that it might end while I waited for it to be published. I wasn’t sure how it would be a satisfying ending given Bryn’s…condition. Rachel Caine utterly nailed it. Books that are the last in a series always have to be approached a little warily – I know myself that I end up with high expectations and sometimes its impossible for the author’s choices to satisfy all of my wants because it’s just not possible. However this book really does do everything it should – it’s the perfect end to a series that should be held up for all others. I know Caine is ending the Morganville Vampires series soon and reading this book gives me full confidence that will face the same treatment  really does tie things up and give satisfaction to the readers. It’s pretty hard to top that scene between Bryn and Patrick in Two Weeks’ Notice but this book does its very best throughout. The result is pretty close to perfection.


Book #197 of 2013


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  1. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    I’m glad you felt the fear and did it anyway, it was a great finale!

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