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Dreamfever – Karen Marie Moning

on July 27, 2013

DreamfeverDreamfever (Fever #4)
Karen Marie Moninghe
Delacorte Press
2009, 362p
Read from my local library

The walls have come down and the Unseelie are pouring in. MacKayla was isolated from everyone she knew – Barrons, V’lane, Dani and the other sidhe-seers. That allowed the Lord Master to swoop in, along with the Unseelie princes and turn her into Pri-ya, someone utterly dependent on sex with the Fae. All the Pri-ya think about is how to get their next fix. No one has come back from it before and although Dani rescues Mac away from the LM and takes her back to the Abbey, they believe her traitor and chain her up in a dark cell for the Shadows to come and get her.

It takes Barrons four days to rescue her and get her out and the Mac he finds is different. She doesn’t know her name, her calling, remember her family. She doesn’t do anything except crave sex so he feeds her craving and feeds her information, slowly reassembling her piece by piece until she remembers who and what she is. And that there’s still a war on out there. Reunited with Dani, Mac learns that nearly one quarter of the world’s population are dead. The Unseelie are everywhere, especially in Dublin.

The race to find the Book intensifies and Mac learns much along the way. But then the Lord Master reappears and deals her a blow by taking the two people in the world that mean the most to her. Tricked into leaving Barrons behind, Mac finds herself alone again once more, her life under threat. There’s only one option left to her now but she doesn’t know what that will summon…

Oh my God these books. I am obsessed. I read 2, 3 and 4 in the one day, staying up until after midnight to finish this one, sinus infection be damned. I can’t stop reading and actually, at 12.30am I wanted to get out of bed and go and get the last book, Shadowfever and start it. But it’s huge and I knew I would be up all night if I did that. And someone has to look after my kids tomorrow! I can’t remember the last time I got this obsessed with a series and I think this one was the best yet. But oh that ending! It was just cruel….so cruel! I don’t know how people reading these as they were published coped with that. If you start these books make sure you have them all to read one after the other. That’s my advice.

In this one Mac is brutally used by the LM and the Unseelie princes, rendering her obsessed with sex – she desires it more than her life. It’s what she’s always feared ever since she met V’lane, but he’s Seelie and those who used her are Unseelie, blending the pleasure with immense pain. She’s wrecked, almost destroyed, and although rescued, she’s left basically to die by Rowena at the Abbey. Finally Barrons arrives!

Mac’s narrative is fractured and rambling as she seeks only to satisfy her cravings. As much as I wondered what Barrons was doing, giving into them (they finally sleep together and we don’t really get the pay off! Mac doesn’t know who he is or why she’s doing this or anything, so that was a bit harsh) but Mac’s narrative actually gives more glimpses into his feelings than her coherent one does. She isn’t trying to avoid starting something here, like she so often is, with the conversations they have without speaking. I’m still not quite sure what Barrons is definitely (although I still have my guesses, which really got kind of confused by the end!). Whatever he does though, he fixes her. I don’t think it was necessarily taking advantage of her, if anything she seemed to more take advantage of him. The scene where he tells her she’ll hate him more than she ever thought possible was sad.

I really liked Mac’s character development in this novel. When her memory returns, when she returns, she’s more brutal, she’s more courageous and she’s more determined. She’s still got glimpses of the little girl underneath who loves pink nail polish and her blonde hair but she’s also leaner and meaner, wearing leathers and kicking ass. Although Dani often annoys me, there’s no doubt that she inspires Mac to do more and be more. I know she has her own spin off after this arc of 5 books is complete but having read a part of her narrative in this book, I’m not sure I could read a whole book from her point of view. I’ll have to see…

It’s hard to talk about this book without talking about the ending. OH! It’s amazing – it’s what elevated this book for me into the next bracket. Seeing the seeds sewn for this books ago watching it all play out was incredible (and just a tiny bit torturous). As I already mentioned, the ending slayed me! I couldn’t believe that’s what it would come to and although I know that’s not the end, it was enough to have me thinking about it for ages before I finally went to sleep. I always wanted to know what IYD was and as far as protection goes, it was…almost perfect. Except for one small, minor detail.

Cannot wait to start book 5. In fact that’s what I’m going to do now.


Book #175 of 2013


One response to “Dreamfever – Karen Marie Moning

  1. Marg says:

    You are enjoying this series a lot more than I did. Barrons was the main saving grace for me!

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