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Talking About….. The Melbourne Writers Festival

on July 22, 2013

20130721-105713.jpgThe program for the 2013 Melbourne Writers Fest was released last week and I have been waiting for ages to find out what the events were going to be. I went to many events from the 2012 Festival (my first) and had an amazing time at each one and bought something like 12 or 13 new books while I was there. Attending the MWF does require a bit of juggling this year because my husband now works Sundays, whereas last year he didn’t. Therefore I need to have my events sorted so that he can request time off.

I thought it might be fun to do a post on the events I’d like to see – this isn’t set in stone yet, I haven’t bought my pass. I went through and circled a few events and sometime later this week I’ll sit down and try and work out my schedule.

Friday 23rd August

His Stupid Boyhood

In Conversation With Peter Goldsworthy

Peter Goldsworthy is releasing a new memoir His Stupid Boyhood this week. I haven’t read it yet but I have read a collection of his short stories and one of his other books. I’d buy the memoir and get it signed to my husband as a Father’s Day present for him as he’s a very big Goldsworthy fan.

Saturday 24th August

This Is Scotland

I love books set in Scotland and I have strong affections for it considering it my family come from there, albeit quite a few generations ago! I haven’t heard of the people on the panel but that might be a good way to find some fabulous new recommendations, which is what all of this is about really.


Exploring Antarctica

Unfortunately these two panels are on at the same time otherwise I’d be really keen to attend both of them. Antarctica is another fascination of mine and I also love reading books set there! I looked into doing a scenic flight there not long ago and… yeah, the cost! Definitely out of my realm. The two women presenting this have both been to Antarctica, lived and worked there which would be fascinating to hear about. And yeah, more recommendations.

Sunday 25th August

Questions Of Travel

Questions Of Travel

I really want to read this book – it’s the 2013 Miles Franklin winner and the reviews have been pretty glowing. I actually borrowed it from the library a while ago, when the longlist came out I think but I just had too much to read to get to it and it was requested by other people so I couldn’t keep it long. I think buying it is more the way to go, that way I can pick it up whenever I feel ready to tackle it.

Modern Love

Smart Bitches Trashy Books blogger Sarah Wendell joins a paranormal romance author to talk about the appeal of reading romance and erotica. I was hopeful of a really good romance panel this year (as were a lot of others) so I want to go to this and see what it’s like.

Friday 30th August

The Politics of Sex

A discussion about culture, gender and power. Something that interests me and also seems relevant to today and feeds nicely into this next session.

Politics, Power & the PM

An exploration of power and misogyny and the challenges that future women leaders face, given the way our first female Prime Minister was treated by the media.

Saturday 31st August

A Year Of The Stella

The Stella Prize for Women’s Fiction was launched last year at the MWF so this is a celebration of women’s fiction over the past year. I’ve read a lot of women’s fiction in the past 18 months and I’m interested to see what is discussed here.

In Conversation with Colm Tóibín

This one might be unlikely, given that the previous event is away from Federation Square and I don’t know if I’ll make it back in time – depends how long the previous event goes for. I’ve read a couple of his books and we own almost all of them so I think it’d be very interesting to hear from him.

So these are my chosen events, just from the first look through the program. Last year I spent a very enjoyable few days at the festival both attending events and exploring the city as well. Despite living so close to it, I don’t spend a lot of time in it, especially without my kids, so it’s always good to have a break and some “me time”, which is what I consider bookish events to be!

Are you going to the festival? If so, what are you going to see? Let me know!

3 responses to “Talking About….. The Melbourne Writers Festival

  1. Danielle says:

    I am really excited. Only one event I’m set in stone for and snatched a ticket up ASAP: Tavi Gevinson’s ‘Tavi’s World’. Will be amazing.

  2. Tony says:

    I’ve got my tickets already – Laurent Binet and Andrés Neuman on Friday 23/8 🙂

  3. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    Sounds like it will be a fab event!

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