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Faefever – Karen Marie Moning

on July 21, 2013

FaefeverFaefever (Fever #3)
Karen Marie Moning
Delacorte Press
2008, 314p
Read from my local library

American girl in Ireland MacKayla “Mac” Lane is still on the hunt for the Sinsar Dubh. This time however, she’s playing two sides against each other in the hope that she might actually be able to choose how she uses the book when she manages to find it for good. On one hand, there’s the mysterious Jericho Barrons, whom she still doesn’t know much about. Each time she finds out a new sliver of information about Barrons, it renders her more confused than before. She still doesn’t know why he wants the book either and he doesn’t exactly seem willing to tell her. As he puts it, the day he gives her answers will be the day she no longer needs them. That doesn’t stop Mac from thinking certain thoughts about Barrons. About what it might be like.

And then there’s V’lane, a Seelie Fae prince who wants the book to give to his Queen so that she may restore the Unseelie prison walls. Slowly they are crumbling, allowing the Unseelie to escape…into the Earthly realm. Mac can see it happening – the streets of Dublin are becoming more and more vicious every night. The crime rate has gone through the roof as scores of Fae poor into the city and wreak havoc. But that’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen – if the Lord Master succeeds in bringing down the walls keeping the Unseelie out, then the four Unseelie princes will be unleashed: also known as the Four Horseman of the Apcolypse – Famine, War, Pestilence and Death.

Mac is forced to join forces with others like her, ones who can see the fae although they’ve done no favours since she arrived in the city and they don’t trust her either. But nothing she can do will be able to stop the chaos that will be unleashed and after that she will be alone…perfect for the one she believes killed her sister to finally claim her. And when he does, Mac will be utterly powerless against him.

This is the third book in the Fever series and I am burning through these at a rapid pace. In this one, Mac finds herself pulled in many directions as the parties who desperately want the book (mostly Barrons, V’lane and the LM) vie for her allegiance. Barrons still basically tells her nothing but he offers her the most protection and has so far provided her somewhere to live, somewhere to work and an escort. He uses her abilities yes and Mac still doesn’t know exactly what he is but he seems the best one to throw her hat into the ring with. V’lane wants the book to give to his Queen so that she may use it to help fortify the barriers to keep the Unseelie imprisoned but Mac resents the way he often forcefully bombards her with his Fae glamour. She fears being turned Pri-ya, a female dependent upon sex with the Fae. At times V’lane has inconvenienced her but others he has proven that he can control himself and assist her, although he does tend to be playful about it. At times during this book she plays V’lane and Barrons against each other and watches the sparks fly. She doesn’t know what the history is between them but she knows that V’lane, like the shadows, fears Barrons. Barrons does not appear to fear V’lane in any way but the two are cautious around each other and tend to keep their distance. That leaves the Lord Master and although he promises her that he can deliver her back her sister, alive and wholly as she was before her murder, as tempting as that is (and it is very tempting) she also believes him to be the one who killed Alina, no matter what he claims. He used and betrayed her and if he didn’t actually deliver her death, then he failed to prevent it. He’s not someone she wants to be allied with at all.

In this book Mac and Barrons both find out that the Book has a way of getting where it wants or needs to go. They learn that the walls keeping the Unseelie prisoner are slowly crumbling and that the rise in crime rates in Dublin is because more and more Unseelie are slipping through into this realm. They need the Book to fortify the walls but getting and keeping the Book isn’t going to be as easy as it seems. Chaos is descending upon the world and it seems as though time is running out – they need to find the book and use it but the book doesn’t want to be found, used and then restrained again. And in the darkest hour, Mac finds herself alone – Barrons is no where to be seen, V’lane isn’t around to help her. She’s at their mercy when they come for her and the end of this book had me on the edge of my seat, frantically turning pages, hoping for what never actually happened. The Mac that ends this book is very different to the one at the start – as each horrible thing happens to her, a little piece of that blonde girl who loved pink and her nail polish, is stripped away. And at the same time that is happening, that she’s hardening up, becoming cynical, becoming the sort of person who kills, who inflicts pain, who sees terrible things without batting an eyelash, she’s still the same underneath. She still retains her charm, even a bit of her freshfaced innocence. It’s an interesting experience, watching her throughout these books.

And now it’s time for #4.


Book #174 of 2013


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