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Darkfever – Karen Marie Moning

on July 10, 2013

DarkfeverDarkfever (Fever #1)
Karen Marie Moning
Delacorte Press
2006, 309p
Free on promo for Kindle from Amazon

MacKayla Lane is a normal American girl in her mid-20’s enjoying summer. She swims, paints her nails, tends bar and misses her sister who is currently in Ireland doing a year at Trinity College in Dublin. Mac’s parents are also away on a cruise so she is alone when she gets the horrible news that her sister has been murdered in Ireland. Both Mac and her parents are bereft and when Mac gets a new cellphone and accesses the messages that were left on her old one, which she damaged when she dropped it in the pool, she finds a desperate one from her sister. She makes the decision to go to Ireland against her parent’s wishes and get to the bottom of just what her sister was talking about when she said “You don’t even know what you are”.

It takes Mac almost no time in Ireland to find trouble – one night when having a meal in a pub she notices that a fellow patron is not what he seems. It seems that Mac possesses the ability to see past the glamour of the fae, down to what they really are. Most humans never notice that they’re not what they seem but they cannot fool Mac. It immediately becomes obvious that this gift also puts her in grave danger – the fae don’t want humans to be able to see them. If she lets on that she can see what they really are, she”ll have a horde of assassins after her.

She finds some sort of assistance in the form of the mysterious Jericho Barrons, wealthy bookshop owner. Barrons it seems is the only person prepared to tell Mac how it really is and he also discovers that she is of great use to him. He’s searching for an artifact, the very same one that Mac’s sister mentioned in that last voicemail. Barrons sets her a simple task that lets them both know that Mac has a sensitivity to the object and those like it – whenever she is near to one she becomes violently ill. She has to learn to control this so that she and Barrons can find what he’s searching for, what her sister told her that she must also find. It might be the only thing that can help her find her sister’s killer.

I picked this book up free on Kindle a long time ago – maybe even over a year ago. I know that I saw a link to it somewhere and that a lot of people seemed to really enjoy it so I downloaded it and then the other day I was looking for a break from review books. I was scrolling through my Kindle for something and found this and thought that I might finally give it a go! I ended up reading it in one sitting and even though there were things about it that bugged me, I ended up enjoying the overall story. So much so that the day or so after finishing it I went to the library to get the second book in the series and also came home with books 3, 4 and 5!

Mac is a pretty vacuous blonde, much of this novel is devoted to the colours she paints her nails, the clothes she wears, her utter horror when Barrons aks her to cut her hair and dye it after she gives her gift away. At times she really focuses on the little things and that can be a bit irritating but her obvious devotion to her sister and her determination to find out what happened to her tends to balance this out a bit.

I’m going to just admit straight up that part okay, most of my interest in this series revolves around Jericho Barrons. He’s handsome, wealthy, mysterious and searching for artifacts that Mac can sense (which he cannot) so he immediately sort of bargains protection from the fae for her assistance. Well, blackmails or threatens might be a better word. Mac knows that she’s probably better off with him than on her own but it doesn’t mean she trusts him, which is fair enough. He does some things in this book that normal humans do not have the ability to do but I have to say, Mac doesn’t attempt to question him too closely. She does ask a halfhearted few questions that he easily rebuffs and she lets it go. I’ve had a few different theories about Barrons circling in my brain and I’m interested to keep reading and see if any of them pan out to be true. I’m really keen to know more about him and what his motives are. Plus I want to know what happens between him and Mac, if anything. This is complicated by the fact that Mac meets a prince of the Seelie court and realises that not all fae are hideous underneath.

I’m keen to continue this series but I really hope it doesn’t go the way of the Anita Blake series and have Mac just sleep with everybody!


Book #171 of 2013

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  1. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this particular series and have always been interested in reading the first novel but it’s a little pricey for me to take a chance on. I’ll be looking forward to your future reviews concerning the following books in the series as I would like to know a little more before I decide whether or not to invest myself in them 🙂 As you said, a lot of it will depend on where Moning takes Mac’s character in the future.

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