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Killing Me Softly – Liesl Leighton

on June 25, 2013

Killing Me SoftlyKilling Me Softly
Leisl Leighton
Destiny Romance
2013, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Rock superstar Daemon Flagherty is fresh from a very acrimonious divorce and looking to take his music in a new direction. He knows that his last CD wasn’t what it should be and he thinks that to fix that, to get the sound he’s looking for, then there’s only one producer that he should work with – AJ Denholm.

The award-winning producer is notoriously reclusive and Daemon has had the band manager working on trying to get him to agree to produce his band’s latest record, only to be thwarted every time. Frustrated, Daemon is willing to exploit any connection he can find in order to get to work with someone who he is sure will share the same vision for his music that Daemon himself does. And it turns out that the way in has been under his nose all along.

Alexa Deningham guards her privacy very fiercely, even more so than the average reclusive. When she finally agrees to work with Daemon and his band, it’s only under the proviso that they come and stay at her remote country estate, without any entourage or grand theatrics. Just them, their instruments and the willingness to play by her rules and work hard to get this album down.

Surprised to find out that AJ Denholm is a woman, Daemon is immediately taken with her but he gets the feeling that she’s hiding something from him, something important. Determined to find out her secrets, he looks into her past to see just what exactly she has in her closet and how it might affect his music. What he finds shocks him but as they get closer he knows that he has to keep his digging to himself because Lexi values her privacy so greatly – she would never forgive him such an invasion and Daemon is discovering that he wants to be a part of Lexi’s life very much.

But someone is watching Lexi, looking for revenge. They believe Lexi ruined everything and now they’re determined to make her pay. 

Killing Me Softly is a June release from Penguin digital only imprint Destiny Romance. A romantic suspense story, it blends passion for music and two damaged people who managed to find each other and connect in the middle of a dangerous situation. Daemon has been through the wringer with a horrid divorce and an ex who loves to sell her story and splash all manner of details about his life across the tabloids. He wants to move on, to focus on his music again and to make the best album he’s ever made. To say that Daemon is driven is an understatement. He’s actually obsessed and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to work with the famed AJ Denholm even though he knows nothing about her, not even the fact that she’s actually a woman, not a man. You’d think he’d have at least asked someone that had worked with her for information on what it was like. He does get his wish though, when he finds out that someone he’s known all along holds the key to being able to get in contact with her.

I really do think Daemon commits a gross invasion of privacy to Lexi by digging into her background which was really absolutely none of his business. He didn’t know what he would turn up and it did make him sympathetic towards her but he simply and quite frankly shouldn’t have done it. He was the one who was dying to work with her, he admired her work, he knew that she got amazing, stunning results. Whatever it was that she was hiding, didn’t affect her work so it was really just a cop out to say that he wanted to know so that it didn’t impact on his music. He was being nosy and intrusive and I didn’t really like it or his self-entitled attitude. He didn’t need to know, he should never have even thought about it. Lexi was obviously a professional and it just seemed really…. rude.

I liked Lexi and I really loved her relationship and devotion to her sister, which plays a large role in this book. Lexi’s dedication was really admirable and her utter determination (fueled by love and guilt too) to help bring her back to being able to function normally was wonderful to see. There were times when I thought it was futile but watching people with Cat, helping her and accepting her, was amazing. I was actually really interested in her journey and I think I could’ve read a whole book about just that portion of the story. Lexi was the sort of person who held herself very closed off and trusted very few people so through her interactions with her sister, she became more real to me, more fleshed out.

Unfortunately I did find the stalker less exciting – the idea of someone creeping around behind bushes and walls on a secluded country estate was very jarring and kind of reminded me of a really bad horror flick where everything takes place in a location convenient for said stalker to overhear and make cryptic comments. I also found it incredibly easy to guess the identity of the stalker as well and also their motivation very early on in the book which did take away a lot of the suspense and tension.

This book was a bit of a mixed bag for me – some things I really did like and the story line with Lexi and her sister and also her sister’s carer Billy was great but I disliked Daemon’s heavy-handedness and self-entitlement. 


Book #160 of 2013


Killing Me Softly is book #68 read and reviewed for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013.


One response to “Killing Me Softly – Liesl Leighton

  1. I hate to be crass, but Daemon sounds like he would benefit from a swift kick to the balls. I haven’t even read the book and I found myself becoming increasingly irritated as I read your review entailing his unwarranted, high-handed invasion of Lexi’s privacy. He sounds like a self-entitled, self-important bully, and for me, that alone would have killed any existing romance or chemistry between them.

    While Lexi sounds like a wonderful protagonist, I don’t know that it’s worth the potential cost to my blood pressure (and sanity) to pick up this book simply to learn more of her story. I think this is one book I’ll be passing on.

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