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The Love Deception – Jennifer St George

on June 18, 2013

Love DeceptionThe Love Deception
Jennifer St George
Destiny Romance
2013, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Felicity Carter wakes up naked in a strange bed in a strange house with no recollection of how she got there. She remembers graduating, she remembers dinner out with the girls, she remembers a nightclub and then it’s just blank. She finds a gorgeous man who offers her money and embarrassed, Felicity flees.

She’s even more humiliated when she fronts up to her job interview and realises that one of the partners at the prestigious firm is the man whose house she was in. Despite blitzing the interview, he clearly doesn’t want to hire her but Felicity needs this job. She’s worked so hard to get to this position and she knows it’s someone’s last hope.

Damon is shocked to surprise that the messy young woman he helped is applying for a job at the firm he’s worked all hours to build up. Despite his reservations about hiring someone who seems to have problems with their recreational habits, he’s outvoted 2 to 1 by the other partners and is forced to offer Felicity the job, with some conditions. And despite himself, he begins to be impressed by how hard she works and her willingness to dig deep and help in all aspects of the law. He’s also disturbingly attracted to her, despite what he believes and the fact that he has people to protect at all costs.

But Felicity has one more surprise in store for Damon and it’s a big one. Given he’s only just begun to trust her, it could turn everything upside down. But regardless of that, Felicity still needs his help. She’s determined that something has been overlooked on the big case they are working on and she knows what it is. She just needs Damon to listen to her and then he can decide and maybe she has a chance of achieving her aim after all.

I read and reviewed Jennifer St George’s last Destiny Romance title Seducing The Secret Heiress and enjoyed it so when I saw this one I thought I would add it to my kindle for something to read on a chilly afternoon when I don’t feel like tackling anything huge and chunky. It’s a quick read and a very enjoyable one that takes the reader from Melbourne to the luxurious Carribean destination of Barbados.

Felicity was the daughter of wealthy parents but her mother’s death and her father’s disgrace has meant that she’s spent the last 10 years of her life pretty much alone, first at boarding school and then completing her law degree. Now that she has graduated she seeks to right the wrong that lead to her father’s conviction, even though the best legal defence money could buy wasn’t able to avoid the crushing evidence of the prosecution. She’s not off to a good start though when she realises that her new boss and head of the appeal team is the man whose bed she woke up in recently, without remembering much of the night before. Instead of talking about what happened, Damon makes judgments and Felicity is too embarrassed to attempt to find out exactly what occurred. This leads to the first of their many misunderstandings.

Despite the fact that Damon so clearly believes that Felicity is and will bring trouble into his life, he does begin to be impressed by her and their attraction grows with every interaction. I at first thought Damon was a bit nuts in his thinking, especially at the beginning and the heavy handed way he was with Felicity when he really had very little evidence to back up his thoughts. For a brilliant lawyer, it was clear he was making his assumptions based on his feelings, not the evidence, especially after he had been working with Felicity for some weeks. He’s just about to think that maybe he was wrong when Felicity slips up and makes a mistake that anyone might make, but all it does is convince Damon that he was right. Once his background was revealed though, I realised why he had been so quick to come to conclusions and why he felt that Felicity might be a danger to two people he had to protect.

I found a lot to enjoy in this story – I liked the setting of Melbourne and the reference to the unsavoury side of King St! It was nice to detour to Barbados, which isn’t somewhere I come across much in books although it was purely for the purposes of visiting banks and not really crafted in to the story for any other reason. I also liked the way that Damon in particular and Felicity had to overcome their prejudices and their fears and be themselves in order to be able to find their happiness together. If Damon had just talked to Felicity and asked her about that first night, he might’ve been able to put the pieces together himself, instead of crucifying her. And if Felicity had been honest from the start and upfront about what she needed, likewise the drama might never have got so far out of hand. But it made for a believable but also resolvable conflict which worked well.


Book #151


The Love Deception is the 65th novel read and reviewed for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013


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  1. Oh, I can’t help but be frustrated when the bulk of conflict, particularly in the romance genre, arises because of a fundamental lack of communication between the main characters! While I like the sound of the setting and the idea that both characters have to grow and overcome their own set of misconceptions in order to make the relationship work, the basic lack of communication issue might be a deal breaker for me 😦

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