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Entwined With You – Sylvia Day

on June 14, 2013

Entwined With YouEntwined With You (Crossfire #3)
Sylvia Day
Penguin Books AUS
2013, 356p
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Please note that the following review will contain general ***SPOILERS*** for the two previous Crossfire books, in particular the second novel, Reflected In You. If you haven’t read that (and want to) it’s probably best to avoid this review.

Eva and Gideon’s tempestuous relationship has had nothing but ups and downs since its beginning and nothing has changed. The two are still separated publically as Gideon seeks to continue to avoid police interest. Eva finds herself being approached by a reporter who is convinced that she has the dirt on Gideon’s possible violent temper towards women and she wants Eva to give her the story. She’s pretty adamant that she’s not going to go away until she knows the truth and that Eva can expect to see her/hear from her again.

Eva’s anguish from being separated from Gideon has abated but she does have the new trauma of dealing with what Gideon was willing to do, what he has done, in order to ensure her safety. She also has to keep up public appearances and continue to look as though she isn’t seeing anyone and this is something that she finds difficult. Her devastation was so real that it’s almost impossible to fake and there’s the added complication of her ex-boyfriend, hot rocker Brett Kline being in town and watching to catch up with the view of perhaps something more. Despite their private understanding, Eva and Gideon still face their issues: Gideon clearly doesn’t like Brett’s intention to get back with Eva and Eva has difficulties with the fact that Corinne is such a presence in Gideon’s life.

The road to happiness was never going to be easy for two people with issues such as Eva and Gideon. For every step forward they often suffer two steps back and now it’s time to see just how far they can go and just how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the other in the pursuit of their ultimate happy ending.

This was originally supposed to be the final novel in Sylvia Day’s hugely successful Crossfire series until it was announced not that long ago that it would now be a 5 book arc, not 3. To be honest, I think a lot of the original format shows in this book. Although when it opens, Eva and Gideon are still negotiating how she feels about what he did to her former stepbrother in order to ensure her safety, this is actually the most stable they’ve been since the beginning. Gideon is struggling with it privately too – perhaps even more so than Eva. After all, he’s the one that carried it out. Eva’s just the one who found out about it when it was all over.

Despite that hanging over them, there’s a lot of lightness in this novel – a lot of playfulness. Eva and Gideon settle into a relationship when he takes the apartment next to hers, which means that she can sneak away to see him often. They basically live together and even sleep together a few times, although Gideon does still suffer from the nightmares that cause him to act out scenarios in his sleep. His nightmares now also include Nathan and it’s clear that he does fear Eva’s thoughts and reactions as well (not an unlikely scenario but of everyone, it seems Eva is the least bothered, perhaps because he distanced himself from her and that was all she cared about).

That’s not to say that everything in this novel is lightness and fun – it isn’t. Although Eva and Gideon are back together, they have to negotiate how to orchestrate their public reunion in such a way as to not make the police suspicious. The police themselves are also back with an interesting development in Nathan’s case that makes both of them concerned that someone else might know what has really happened. Eva’s dad is in town because of disturbing news that he was finally made aware of and his visit causes some anxiety and stress for Eva and tears her already fragile relationship with her mother apart that little bit more. Eva and Gideon are on different pages in where they want to be in their relationship as well and Brett and Corinne do continue to make their brief presence felt.

I have to admit, I don’t swoon over Gideon like a lot of women. I do enjoy his character and the complexity of what goes on in his head, but I’ve never really ‘got it’. I find him a lot more likable in this book. He’s less intense and he’s definitely more fun. He and Eva have some genuinely lovely moments, intimate moments that are also very funny. They play off each other really well and although the mindblowing sex is still obviously a huge part of this book (and yes, it is super hot) it was really nice to see them connecting on other levels than the physical or the level of screwed up they are. They are both quite funny and some of the conversations they have in Gideon’s flat made me snort with laughter.

I have to admit, I did have a bit of an issue with the way Reflected In You ended and it did make me question…. where do you draw the line for what is “okay” for a character? I wasn’t sure how my feelings would change going into this book and I think that Day has thrown up a bit of a question over the incident and there’s a new development which does have me scratching my head a bit. Although I think that probably Eva and Gideon’s story could have ended here, there was enough ground laid in this book to have me more than willing to continue with the series and see where it’s going to go. Hopefully the focus looks set to change away from Eva and Gideon’s constant misunderstandings and separations and onto something more mysterious! There’s still the matter of Gideon’s past to address too I think and this book does very little on that issue.

Unexpectedly, Entwined With You is my favourite of the series.


Book #145 of 2013


5 responses to “Entwined With You – Sylvia Day

  1. Jennie says:

    I received this book for review also but I have not read the first two. What would you suggest – do you think it’s possible to read / review it as a standalone or should I read #1 & 2 first? I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    • Hi Jennie – I would definitely read the first 2 before reading this one, yes. They’re like one big story really, each one has a lot of things that carry over from one book to the next and you probably really need to read them all to get the big picture. Gabriel’s personality, Eva’s, their issues, their connection, etc – it’s all one big arc that keeps going throughout each book.

  2. Marg says:

    I was surprised to see that you named this as your favourite of the series!

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