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Because Of Low – Abbi Glines

on June 3, 2013

Because Of LowBecause Of Low (Sea Breeze #2)
Abbi Glines
Simon & Schuster
2013, 290p
Copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster AU

Marcus Hardy has jacked in his college studies and come back to Sea Breeze, Alabama for his family – more precisely, his mother and his sister. He’s living with baseball player Cage York and studying online while he sticks around to support his mother, who is falling apart at the news that her husband and Marcus’s father is having an affair. Marcus’s younger sister also needs some help dealing with not only her father’s actions but her mother’s inability to be able to deal with them.

Willow “Low” Foster has always had people leave her. Her dad left, her mother died, her sister doesn’t care about her other than as an unpaid babysitter. The only person that’s ever truly been there for her 100% is her former neighbour and childhood best friend Cage York. Although Cage is currently shagging his way through the female population of their town and its surrounds, he still thinks that one day he’s going to marry Low. They love each other and they have a bond that no one can touch. Low might not be Cage’s girlfriend, but she belongs to Cage. Everyone around knows that Low is off limits.

Everyone except Marcus Hardy.

Willow runs to Cage every time she has a problem with her sister and this puts her closer and closer to Marcus. Cage is often “out” when Willow comes to stay and she finds herself spending time with Marcus, getting to know him…liking him. The fact that it seems mutual has Low trying to negotiate a world that she’s not that familiar with. She has to manage both her growing attraction to Marcus and also her friendship with Cage and it’s a delicate balance.

And then a connection between Marcus and Low will be revealed and it will have devastating consequences for the both of them. Marcus will have to make a choice between Low and his family and it seems like what Cage has been saying was right all along. Only he is the one who will stay when everyone else leaves.

Because Of Low is the second in this new adult series by Abbi Glines. She’s an author I’ve heard much about and she’s very popular on twitter, particularly with some of the younger YA bloggers that I follow. I’ve never had an opportunity to try her books until now when I received three for this series from the publisher, presumably due to Glines visiting Australia next month. Although I haven’t read the first novel of the Sea Breeze series, I didn’t particularly feel as though I needed to, despite the fact that Marcus was in it. I got enough of his character through reading this novel.

Marcus eschews his father’s money and makes his own way – he hasn’t taken a dollar off him since he graduated high school. He returns to his hometown to support his mother, who is falling apart at the news that her marriage is most likely going to end due to Marcus’s father having an affair. Marcus is quite different to the other males that populate this series. He’s not inexperienced but he’s not the manwhore that most of the others seem to be. He’s interested in Low from the beginning and can’t figure out exactly what the deal is with her and Cage because he’s not from their world, even though they have mutual friends.

Both Marcus and Low are not without their issues, together and separately. Low finds it difficult to trust people and sometimes she turns automatically to Cage, which bothers Marcus. In turn, Marcus doesn’t open up to Low about his family problems, something that could’ve actually changed the way in which the two discovered the secret. Although I liked the two of them together, stumbling along trying to find their way into a relationship, this book wasn’t without its faults. The dialogue is a bit clunky and often cheesy, a bit overdone, particularly when Marcus is speaking to his mother. Despite only being 18 or 19, they’re all out partying and drinking in clubs or bars every night of the week – I’m not sure if clubs like this exist in America or if this is the author’s way of getting around the fact that the legal age is 21 but to have 19yos sitting at home night after night is a bit boring.

Low herself is a bit of a doormat – she puts up with the most appalling treatment from her sister and although I understand it’s for the sake of her niece, very few people would actually allow themselves to be treated in such a way. Low’s sister only allows Low to stay the night in their family home if Low has babysat her niece that day. Also, the family home was left solely to her older sister, which I’m not sure is legal either. Even though Low was underage when her mother died, it’s more probable that half the house would’ve been left to Low in trust until she came of age, making it impossible for her sister to be able to kick her out every other night. However, legalities get in the way of a good story, so mostly you have to ignore these little inconsistencies and attempt to go with the flow. Despite the fact that Marcus takes no money from his father, I’m not entirely sure where he does get money from because he doesn’t have a job.

Because Of Low is an engaging enough story and I can see why Abbi Glines has her fans. I did become quite interested in their group and I’ll continue to read the series and see what becomes of the rest of the characters. Given the appearance of the couple from the first novel in this book, I imagine that Marcus and Low will be making regular appearances in the later books.


Book #127 of 2013


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