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Wedding Night – Sophie Kinsella

on May 14, 2013

Wedding Night2Wedding Night
Sophie Kinsella
Transworld Books
2013, 394p
Read from my TBR pile

Lottie is 33 and just wants to get married. All of her relationships have gone along in the same pattern – meeting, having sex, falling in love and then fizzling out. However this time she’s sure that things are going to be different. She’s sure that her boyfriend Richard is going to propose. After all he’s booked a special lunch and he has a “big” question to ask her. What else could it be?

Unfortunately for Lottie, things don’t go the way she expects. Single once again and devastated, she suddenly finds an old boyfriend has reappeared in her life. Lottie decides to do things differently this time because she’s obviously been doing things wrong. This time she’s going to do marriage first. No waiting, no anticipating the engagement, just a quiet wedding with no fuss. And no sex until after the wedding. That way it’s not just a shag.

Fliss, Lottie’s sister is in the middle of a horrible divorce. She has always been protective of Lottie, almost a mother to her rather than just an older sister. She desperately wants her sister to avoid making the mistakes that she herself has made and to not have to experience the devastation of a marriage ending. When Lottie tells her that she’s marrying someone she hasn’t even see in fifteen years, Fliss is horrified. She knows she has to stop it before something horrible happens. This has disaster written all over it and it’s the way in which Lottie acts when she’s heartbroken. She immediately does something spontaneous, like getting a tattoo….but this one definitely takes the cake.

Unable to stop the wedding in time, Fliss follows the couple to their honeymoon on the Greek island of Ikonos. She has to stop this farce – no matter what the cost.

I love Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series but her stand alones have been hit and miss for me. However her last book, I’ve Got Your Number was one of my favourites so when I heard about this one I was really excited and hoped I would love it as much as that one. I bought it as soon as I heard it was out and settled in to read it that afternoon, knowing it would be perfect after the classic that I had just read.

Lottie has reached that age where she wants to get married and perhaps begin a family and she really thinks that Richard, her boyfriend of three years is the man for the job. She’s devastated when he doesn’t propose, choosing instead to break it off with him because she can’t just keep wasting time with men who don’t want to move forward, even though this is heartbreaking for her too. Lottie reacts to heartbreak by pretending it doesn’t exist, doing something crazy and then breaking down about it later. Fliss, her older sister has seen her go through this many times but Fliss is off on a holiday with son Noah, two weeks break from the stress of her divorce and she returns to the news that Lottie is getting married. To a guy she hasn’t seen since she was 18. Tomorrow.

Lottie is a typical Kinsella heroine in that she’s a bit ditzy and flighty but she manages to take it one step further with her blind faith that marrying someone you haven’t seen in fifteen years that you don’t know, will work out because conventional relationships have failed. She has a single-mindedness about the marriage to Ben, ignoring some pretty crazy red flags that pop up because she’s so determined that this is the only way that she can be happy. She hasn’t had a chance to even grieve her break up with Richard, who she does love but she allows herself to be swept away by memories of a long ago summer in Ikonos and her first love.

Sometimes it’s a little hard to put yourself in a protagonist’s shoes and I had this problem with Lottie because I could never see myself doing that. I think I related more to Fliss, the worrier, the one who frantically tried to stop Lottie from doing things that might hurt her. Fliss had to understand that Lottie’s life was Lottie’s life and that if she made choices that hurt her, then she would have to deal with them. You can’t wrap other people up in cotton wool and not let them experience life and all the mistakes that are a part of it. However Fliss’s story with Lorcan, Ben’s childhood best friend and coworker was a really nice touch to this novel, grounding it in a bit of reality. Both of them had lessons to learn from each other about the way in which they “mothered” other people. Sometimes there’s a beautiful freedom in just letting go.

Wedding Night was a fun novel, much of what I expect from Kinsella although I must say that it took a little while to hit its straps for me. Around the 150p mark is where it really started to come together and I found the giggle-out-loud moments that I expect when reading one of her books. I like the way in which the honeymoon played out – some of it was so ridiculous that you couldn’t not laugh even as you were cringing a little bit inside both for Lotte and Ben and the poor people working at the resort. From that point on there were so many funny moments and it just really stepped up the notch that it needed to.


Book #117 of 2013

LitExp Challenge

I’m counting Wedding Night towards my participation in the Literary Exploration challenge and ticking off the “Chick Lit” category.


It also counts towards the What’s In A Name?6 challenge, fitting into the 3rd category, Read a book with a party or celebration in the title. It’s the 4th book read for the challenge.

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  1. Haven’t read any Kinsella for ages… maybe this is one to reaccquaint with.

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