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Revealed! The trailer for Dark Horse by Honey Brown

on April 18, 2013

A couple of days ago I posted a teaser for the trailer done by Penguin Books Australia for the release of Honey Brown’s latest novel, Dark Horse, out April 24th.

Dark Horse

Well the trailer has just been revealed over at the Facebook page and it is incredible. This is mystery, suspense and ….romance? all in one. Who will you trust?

And there’s an extract of Dark Horse up here to check out as well!


2 responses to “Revealed! The trailer for Dark Horse by Honey Brown

  1. Honey Brown is one of the authors I plan to read once I’m back – her books are never available for us overseas! 😦 Can’t wait to read one!

    And oh wow, when did you change your layout? I hadn’t thought it’d been that long since I last visited! Lookin’ fresh, Bree!

    • I’ve still got one left to read and I’ve really enjoyed the 3 that I’ve read. She always manages to really slap me in the face with the twist, lol. Once you get back to Aus you’ll be buying everything to make up for missing out for so long!

      I think I changed it about 2wks ago. Was feeling like it was time for some colour 🙂

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