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Fall Of Night – Rachel Caine

on April 17, 2013

Fall Of NightFall Of Night (Morganville Vampires #14)
Rachel Caine
Penguin AU
2013, 350p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Once Claire learned the truth of Morganville, the small town in Texas run by vampires, she thought that she’d never be able to leave. But now it seems that Claire’s dream is coming true, even if things are happening not quite the way she would’ve liked. She is leaving Morganville, to start studies at MIT. She’s going to be living with her best friend from high school Liz and working with a former assistant of Myrnin’s – even though she’s leaving Morganville, it seems that the Founder’s reach is long.

But she’s going alone. Things between her and Shane have been rocky since he was fooled and believed that she had betrayed him. And even though they are still together and he’s working hard to repair things, Claire still can’t forget what he believed that she was capable of. She wants to do this alone – she needs some space, she needs some time away from Morganville and everyone in it in order to just be a normal teenager.

But because this is Claire, it seems that is impossible. Trouble of the supernatural variety seems to follow her wherever she goes and it doesn’t take long for Claire to realise that someone may have ulterior motives for her being here at MIT. She did create something that is potentially very dangerous to the vampires, should it fall into the wrong hands. Claire thinks that she’s doing the right thing, but things spiral out of control very quickly and Claire begins to wonder if she hasn’t made a mistake. Maybe she should have just stayed in Morganville….where it’s safe…

Fall Of Night is the 14th novel in the Morganville Vampires series and takes place almost entirely outside of the dusty Texas town. Only one book has really explored beyond the town’s boundaries before but it involved most of the characters leaving together. In this novel, Claire is going it alone and she’s filled with all sorts of feelings about that – MIT is her dream and has always been her dream. She’s matured a lot in the past two years and she seems ready to take those steps away from Morganville. But leaving Shane is bittersweet. She needs the break, she believes that they do need some space but she misses him a lot. She wants things to go back to the way they used to be but so much has happened. And when she gets to her new house, it and her new room mate are not exactly what she expected. However this book seems to prove that you can take the girl out of Morganville, but you can’t take the Morganville out of the girl!

Claire finds herself homesick for Morganville and not just because of Eve, Michael, Shane and even her former boss Myrnin. She knows that she’s special there, that she’s useful whereas everyone at MIT is there because they’re gifted. She’s frightened of failure, of being ordinary. However all those thoughts seem to get swept aside when her new boss, Dr Irene Anderson expresses special interest in the machine Claire invented that she hopes to use on the vampires as an equalising tactic – toning down their hunger or aggression. Claire wants to use it passively and she’s excited when Dr Anderson sees the merits in it. But very soon she realises that Dr Anderson does not want to use it passively.

I really do enjoy this series and out of 14 installments, most have been hits and very few are misses. However this one is a bit of both – it’s fresh and new because we’re away from the familiar setting of Morganville and there are some new characters – Claire’s relatively annoying room mate Liz, Dr Anderson and some of her “helpers”, Jesse and Pete. However the first half of the book is quite slow and drags along until all of the pieces begin to fall together and then the pace becomes almost breakneck speed as familiar faces arrive to lend a hand and it’s a war between Claire and those on her side and Dr Anderson and those who want to use the machine in a killing and capacity. There’s a lot going on in the last third or so of the book and I think that this is at the expense of the first part of the book. I feel as though a lot of that was unnecessary filler, just taking up time until the players could all be in position and then it was all systems go and reading it was sort of like being on a rollercoaster.

I think this is the second last book and I think that the way in which it ended sets up a very interesting scenario for the final novel in the series. I have to say, some of the developments did seem a little rushed in this one – such as perhaps what lies ahead in store for Myrnin. I mentioned in my review of the previous Morganville Vampires novel that his was the character I hoped that Caine provided with something of a happy ending and I think she’s taken steps to doing that in this book but it did seem forced, like she conjured a character out of thin air for that precise job. But I think when you have a series like this it’s hard to be satisfied on absolutely all levels. I think that Caine has done a good job keeping it fresh and fun but I also think that she’s clever in knowing that it’s had its run. I’m looking forward to the final book and seeing just what sort of goodbye we get to give these characters.


Book #74 of 2013


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