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Spellbound – Emmie Dark

on March 22, 2013

Spellbound Spellbound
Emmie Dark
Destiny Romance
2013, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Belle is a modern day witch – except she’s not a very good one at all. She can’t read anyone’s mind, she can’t use telekinesis, she can’t even perform simple spells without messing things up and having something go wrong. Despite the fact that she comes from a very strong line of witches it seems that Belle just does not possess the talent required. Instead she gets by in a human way, holding down a good job and working hard to buy her trendy Melbourne apartment.

Belle is currently single, having been dumped by boyfriend Tony some months before. Tony was extremely detrimental to Belle’s self-esteem and she suffers a crippling lack of self-worth. Despite the fact that Belle has a crush on the handsome Nick, a neighbour in her building, she blushes and stammers whenever he attempts to talk to her or becomes tongue tied.

Tired of being lonely, Belle attempts a spell to conjure one night with a phantom lover that will look just like Nick. Too shy and self-conscious to go after him in real life, she’ll use a popular spell to have a substitute for a few hours. But…like with most of Belle’s spells, something goes wrong. Instead it is the real Nick that turns up to her apartment and Belle, thinking he’s a phantom, is at ease with him for the first time. They manage to actually connect.

However Nick soon finds out that Belle is a witch and he immediately becomes suspicious and angry. He feels betrayed and controlled and suggests that it would be best they keep their distance for a while, but a strange encounter with an old lady makes Nick realise that someone has cast a spell on one or possibly both of them, to keep them apart.

Spellbound is one of the Destiny Romance March releases and at first glance, it isn’t something I’d normally read. I’m a natural skeptic so modern day witches aren’t exactly my sort of thing but I was in the mood for a quick read before dinner and I have to admit, this one sucked me right in.

The opening is racy and very fun – Belle, Nick and some others are in the elevator going down to the ground floor and Belle finds herself fantasising about Nick. What she doesn’t know is how her thoughts affect everyone else in the elevator around her. I was giggling to myself reading this and I knew from that moment that I was going to enjoy this.

Belle is suffering from a real lack of self-esteem due to the painful end of a relationship and a lot of the time she’s been too nervous around Nick to really open up. However when she thinks she’s the phantom, that changes and she begins to have a little confidence and amp up her sex appeal. She needs some help to be able to let go and enjoy herself, feel secure in herself and the attraction between her and Nick. In time she comes to realise that she’s been her own worst enemy, always berating herself for being useless (her inabilities as a witch have played into this) and wishing she was better. Once she realises that she is a perfectly good person with a fabulous job who works hard, who has a nice place to live, good friends and a loving family, she begins to see her possibilities.

Like a spicy read? Then you should really sink into this one! The scenes between Nick and Belle are pretty hot and very fun to read. Nick is a nice hero, handsome and down to earth. I really liked the two of them together, especially towards the end when he helped her come to terms with the curse/spell and how exactly it could be broken. There’s good chemistry there – I also have to say that I like the cover for this one a lot. It definitely suits the story.


Book #69 of 2013 (somewhat appropriate!)


Spellbound is book #30 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013


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